James Gunn Debunks “Fake” John Stewart Green Lantern Movie Rumors, Claims the Series is Still Happening

James Gunn Debunks "Fake" John Stewart Green Lantern Movie Rumors, Claims the Series is Still Happening
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The recent back-and-forth that has been happening with DC Chief James Gunn and every other news source has become reminiscent of The Comedy of Errors. The fandom has been oscillating between the two, one reporting about a certain project happening, and the other refuting it. The exhausting to and fro has led to a somewhat farcical atmosphere on social media and while some are entertained by the ensuing confusion, others are frustrated with the deliberate misinformation being relayed when James Gunn himself promised to present the early draft of the DC Bible in the new year.


One of the project rumors that have been debunked by the CEO recently is the rumored Green Lantern movie featuring John Stewart.

Green Lantern's John Stewart reincarnation
Green Lantern’s John Stewart reincarnation

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Green Lantern Movie Not Being Developed By James Gunn

Rumors surrounding Green Lantern have been abundant in the recent weeks since James Gunn‘s appointment as DCU head. But the comic book fan responsible for the development of DCU projects also happens to be tasked with the taxing job of resurrecting a crippled franchise first. As such, Gunn’s job has become monumentally difficult from all angles, and it is this burden of the crown that often makes the CEO come out of his cabin in order to reconnect with the world outside.

Green Lantern movie rumors canceled
James Gunn shuts down Green Lantern movie rumors

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During one of his momentary social media haunts, Gunn discovered an upscale in the Green Lantern movie rumors. The project had been attracting increasingly favorable fan response for quite some time now even though its production was never publicly announced. As such, when CBR reported that the current Green Lantern series being developed by HBO Max is being scrapped in favor of a bigger DCU project, Gunn retweeted that the news is false and CBR followed up by deleting their post.


If James Gunn’s current machinations are to be followed, the larger DC Universe is being connected via a single thread across the worlds of comics, films, television, animation, and gaming. His choice of scrapping the HBO Max series would not make any sense in light of how the show is being completely retooled to fit in with the new DCU’s plans.

Green Lantern Series is Being Developed By HBO Max

DC has been busy developing a Green Lantern series since 2019, which at the moment is being molded into a production with a smaller budget after the April 2022 WBD merger. The budgetary restraints have reoriented its vision of witnessing a multiple Green Lantern assembly, featuring Alan Scott, Guy Gardner, and the infamous John Stewart. But the initial ideas that were penned down by the writer and showrunner, Seth Grahame-Smith, were scrapped and the show is undergoing major rewrites.

Green Lantern HBO Max series still moving forward
The Green Lantern HBO Max series still moving forward

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The Greg Berlanti production is currently focused on the John Stewart reincarnation of the DC superhero and the earlier space-faring technological adventure that was envisioned by Grahame-Smith is being reshaped into a more Earth-centered narrative that witnesses the US Marine’s voyage as the Green Lantern. It is not yet clear whether Alan Scott and Guy Gardner are still included in the new scripts that are being developed from scratch, but the new show could very well be exploited as a segue for the superhero’s foray into the larger DCU narrative.

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