“Another possible cinema bomb loading”: James Gunn Gets Mega -Trolled as Aquaman 2 Goes Through 3 Reshoots, Edits Out 2 Batman Scenes

James Gunn Gets Mega -Trolled as Aquaman 2 Goes Through 3 Reshoots, Edits Out 2 Batman Scenes
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In the vast ocean of fandom, waves of fury crash upon the shores of social media as James Gunn, the acclaimed director, faces a torrent of criticism. The source of this tempest is a recent and unexpected development in the Aquaman saga that has left fans reeling. 


As emotions run high, questions abound about the implications for the beloved characters and the overarching storyline. Explore the depths of this divisive cinematic revelation with us as we navigate through the turbulence of fan reactions and speculation.

Sinking or Soaring: The Mixed Reception of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

James Gunn
James Gunn during the premiere of The Suicide Squad

A captivating tale of turbulence and transformation unfolds around the highly anticipated Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Recent reports have unveiled a riveting drama behind the scenes, as the film underwent not one, but three rounds of reshoots, leaving fans and critics intrigued.


Whispers of change echoed through the Hollywood hills, as sources revealed that the reshoots brought not one, but two different Batman actors to the fore. A tantalizing prospect indeed, as the caped crusader has long been a pillar of the DC Universe’s cinematic realm. However, the plot thickens further, as one scene featuring the esteemed Ben Affleck as Batman found itself excised from the final cut. A choice that sparked both curiosity and speculation among eager audiences.

James Gunn
James Gunn (Via Google)

Following this recent development, many fans have become hesitant about watching Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. The film’s delay to December 2023 has left them disappointed and dissatisfied. The uncertainty surrounding the movie’s quality has led to mixed expectations, with some now unsure about experiencing the cinematic journey into the underwater realm.

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Ripples of Discontent: The Controversy Surrounding James Gunn

Following the reshoots, a considerable wave of negative reactions emerged, with people branding the film as a disaster and openly expressing their dissatisfaction. The alterations have sparked concerns among the audience, significantly impacting the overall perception of the movie.

As the swirling currents of criticism surround Aquaman 2, director James Gunn finds himself navigating through a sea of trolls and online vitriol. Despite his acclaimed directorial prowess, Gunn is facing fierce backlash from a faction of relentless internet detractors.


Discover what the fans are saying:



On social media platforms, trolls have become like menacing krakens, waging a relentless campaign of discord and negativity. Their targets extend beyond the film itself, as they personally attack director James Gunn, seeking to undermine his creative vision and integrity.

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Gunn’s skills in guiding Aquaman 2 through challenging barriers would be put to the test. As an experienced captain, he needs to stay strong, disregarding negativity, and remaining focused on steering the ship.


Every visionary faces criticism from trolls during their cinematic endeavors, and James Gunn is no exception with a movie that evoked strong emotions from both fans and detractors. Despite the discouraging criticism, Gunn’s real challenge lay in steering Aquaman 2 towards triumph and recognition, unaffected by the storm of internet negativity.

Aquaman 2 is scheduled to be released on the 20th of December 2023.

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