James Gunn’s Uphill Battle Intensifies, The Flash Making $100M Less Than Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam: “Terrible movie. Abysmal Defeat”

James Gunn’s Uphill Battle Intensifies, The Flash Making $100M Less Than Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam

DC under the mantle of newly elected head James Gunn promised many things along with a complete overhaul of the existing narratives of the franchise. This included the hugely controversial decision of ousting Henry Cavill as Superman. One of the highly anticipated films that was to lead the way for the DCU to expand was The Flash.

The Flash
A still from The Flash (Credit: WB)

The film though, faced many roadblocks leading up to its hyped release with Ezra Miller’s controversial personal life and actions taking centerstage. Despite Miller’s troubling tryst with the law, The Flash was still expected to make up for all the negative publicity. Unfortunately, it looks like this was not to be. If the numbers are to be believed, the story of the Scarlet Speedster has had a worse reputation than DC’s earlier failure, Black Adam.

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Fans Express Disappointment On The Flash’s Poor Showing At The Box Office

Ezra Miller’s infectious energy and the plethora of high-profile cameos could not save DC’s big summer extravaganza The Flash from failure. Despite a lot of hype and expectations about the film and its take on the iconic Flashpoint Paradox, the Andrés Muschietti directorial has not met standards either at the box office or with fans. Its failure is further heightened by the meager box office collections of $260 million thus far which is almost $100 million lower than DC’s other big disappointment, Black Adam. The Flash has also elicited criticism from loyal DC fans who have been brutally honest about its failure.

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Dwayne Johnson
The Flash will end up making less money than DC’s earlier flop Black Adam (Credit: WB)


The news doesn’t seem to be getting any better for The Flash as its collection is not looking at a great increase with the prediction of $290 million by the end of its theatrical run.

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Could The Flash Face Green Lantern’s Fate?

While the unprecedented failure of The Flash at the box office does not augur well for the film and the future of the character, it also runs the risk of sinking into oblivion like another DC film, Green Lantern. The 2011 movie starring Ryan Reynolds was expected to give DC a big boost with a prominent star portraying one of DC’s celebrated protagonists. Unfortunately, the film turned out to be a colossal miss with fans and at the box office.

Green lantern
The Flash could meet the same fate as Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern (Credit: WB)

This impacted the character of Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern to such an extent that the superhero was not seen in any DC films. The Flash now looks to be going down the same road after its poor showing. With James Gunn being non-committal about Ezra Miller’s future in the DCU and no second film on the superhero being announced, it remains to be seen how the fate of the Scarlet Speedster will pan out in the DC Universe.

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