Following Jason Blundell’s Departure From Deviation Games, it Seems As Though He Has Returned to Working With PlayStation

Jason Blundell is back at PlayStation!

Following Jason Blundell’s Departure From Deviation Games, it Seems As Though He Has Returned to Working With PlayStation


  • Jason Blundell has returned to working at PlayStation after his exit from Deviation Games.
  • Blundell departed Deviation Games last year without citing any reason.
  • Jason Blundell co-founded Deviation in 2021 with Dave Anthony.
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The former Call of Duty Zombies director and Treyarch lead Jason Blundell is a big name in the Call of Duty community and gaming industry due to his role in some of the biggest Call of Duty games. Blundell left the studio in early 2020 and founded Deviation Games next year which partnered with PlayStation.

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However, he also departed from the studio last year without any information about what he would be doing next, but it seems like the Call of Duty veteran is back working with PlayStation.


Jason Blundell Is Back Working at PlayStation

Jason Blundell is back working at PlayStation Studios.
Jason Blundell is back at PlayStation Studios.

Jason Blundell founded Deviation Games with his Call of Duty fellow Dave Anthony and partnered with Sony to make an exclusive title for the PlayStation. It was said that the studio was working on a “brand-new original IP”, which was already under development for a year back in 2021. On September 9, 2022, it was announced that Blundell has left the studio and Dave Anthony will lead the studio and also assume the position of Game Director for the unannounced title.

Blundell did not reveal what he would be doing next after his exit from the studio and now it seems like he is back working at PlayStation. A popular streamer and game designer, JCbackfire shared a job update on his X/Twitter handle that he is working as a Junior Game Designer at PlayStation Studios and added that he is working for Blundell, and this came as a surprise to everyone. The tweet reads:


I’ve been wanting to say this for a while, but now I finally can!  I’m a Junior Game Designer @PlayStation Studios. And I work for Jason Blundell.

JCbackfire was previously employed at Deviation but was laid off in May this year when the studio reportedly laid off 90 employees and he presumably worked with Blundell during his time at the studio. This would have led to Blundell bringing up the game designer back to work with him after he was let go from the studio. However, it is still not clear how long Blundell has been working with PS.

Blundell left Sony backed Deviation last year without giving any reason.
Blundell left Sony-backed Deviation last year without giving any reason.

JC also stated that he wanted to share this news “for a while” which means he wasn’t allowed to and since he has now made his position public, Sony could also release an official statement soon. Nothing is known about Blundell’s role at PlayStation as of now and it will remain that way until he or Sony announces anything. However, if one had to take a wild guess about what Blundell might be doing right now, it could be that Sony might be working on a shooter of its own.


There are speculations that either Blundell has created a new studio under PS Studios or has joined an existing studio since other developers who previously worked at Deviation are also said to have joined SIE. However, take it all with a pinch of salt and wait for Sony or Blundell to announce whatever it is they are working on. It is also rumored that he never left PlayStation.

Blundell co-founded Deviation with fellow COD developer Dave Anthony.
Blundell co-founded Deviation with fellow COD developer Dave Anthony.

Blundell left Deviation without citing any reason or any future plans and the studio brought several big names to make up for his departure with notable personalities in the industry like Louis Castle and former God of War developers, Jonathan Hawkins and Dean Rymer. However, the studio has seen several issues in the development of the game as it laid off more than 80% of its workforce.


There were also rumors that Sony cancelled game or the original IP that the studio was working on, but it was never announced by either Deviation or Sony and the studio still seems to be working on something. No information has been revealed about the IP that Deviation has said to be working on and gamers will still have to wait to know. Moreover, as surprising as Blundell being at PlayStation is, it can only be hoped that something good comes out of it.

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