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“He’s made fun of and ridiculed”: Jason Momoa Hated What WB Did to Aquaman 2, Says He’s the “Hardest character in comic-book history”

“He’s made fun of and ridiculed”: Jason Momoa Hated What WB Did to Aquaman 2, Says He’s the “Hardest character in comic-book history”

Jason Momoa expressed disappointment over Warner Bros. meddling with the original plot for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. As part of the remaining few projects under the DC Extended Universe, the follow-up to the 2018 movie will see the King of the Seven Seas ally with an unexpected ally to save Atlantis.

Aquaman Jason Momoa 1
Jason Momoa as Aquaman

The first Aquaman film was positively received by the audience, something Momoa finds confusing. It earned mixed critical reviews, although its commercial success made it the highest-grossing movie under the DCEU.

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Jason Momoa Isn’t Happy With Aquaman 2’s Storyline

In an interview with Men’s Health, Jason Momoa shared his honest thoughts about making Aquaman 2 and how his character was treated:

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It’s not that I don’t care about Aquaman; it’s a wonderful character. Aquaman is probably the hardest character in comic-book history. He’s made fun of and ridiculed, but I tried to give it heart and soul, and I’m proud of it in certain ways. Do I feel pressure for [the sequel] to do well? No. All I can do is give it my all. But it’s in a lot of other people’s hands.”

Clearly, these “other people’s hands” meant Warner Bros and other creative people who have differing opinions and ideas for the project. Momoa claims the studio did not follow the original storyline that the actor and his friend Brian Mendoza pitched to them.

Aquaman Jason Momoa 2
Jason Momoa as Aquaman

The 43-year-old star still could not believe how Aquaman was a hit among fans. In the same interview, he confessed:

Well, to be perfectly honest, I was absolutely baffled that Aquaman was received so well. I’ve done things that are amazing that no one sees and no one gives a shit about. You just don’t know in this business. I don’t go do things and think, Oh, I’m gonna get $1 billion on this one. I go in and do my best job.

Returning to helm the sequel, director James Wan confirmed that Aquaman 2 is heavily inspired by the cult horror film Planet of the Vampires. He also described that the sequel will serve as a “romance story” between Arthur and his evil half-brother Orm.


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Everything We Know About Aquaman 2 So Far

Aquaman Jason Momoa 3
Jason Momoa as Aquaman

It seems that fans will be getting an unexpected cameo from another major DC character in Aquaman 2. The King of Atlantis won’t fight alone as he will receive aid from Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman.

This is something that Shazam! Fury of the Gods’ Jack Dylan Grazer seemingly revealed in an interview with Fandom Entertainment on YouTube. The actor shared that Gadot filmed a cameo for the movie, although the character is not officially attached to Aquaman 2’s plot. He recalled the actress saying:

You guys are filming Shazam! 2. I just got off the set of Aquaman. It’s very good to see you.”

On the other hand, early test screenings for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom yielded terrible results. This not-so-stellar report is claimed to be the reason why Momoa is ready to leave the character behind and switch to DC Universe’s Lobo. While James Gunn still has not confirmed anything about Momoa’s upcoming projects on the newly revamped franchise, this remains a popular theory.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom arrives in theaters on December 20, 2023.

Source: Men’s Health, YouTube

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