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“He’s very good at making films for morons”: Jean-Pierre Jeunet Blasts Joss Whedon, Calls Marvel Movies Stupid After ‘The Avengers’ Director Bad-Mouthed Him

Jean-Pierre Jeunet Blasts Joss Whedon

In the recent past, Joss Whedon’s name has been linked with a string of controversies. Saying his reputation has been stained in the minds of the people who once eagerly consumed the shows and films directed by him would be an understatement. Regardless, it seems like the headlines revolving around the notorious filmmaker never cease to end.

American filmmaker, composer, and comic book writer, Joss Whedon, who has worked with Nathan Fillion.
American filmmaker, composer, and comic book writer, Joss Whedon

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In a recent interview, French film director, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, who once worked with the MCU director on the 1997 film Alien Resurrection, talked in-depth about the aforementioned fourth installment in the Alien franchise. Going into further detail, the filmmaker, in response to a previous criticism made by The Avengers director stated the reasons why he cannot tolerate the films made by Whedon.

Joss Whedon’s Criticism Toward Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Joss Whedon's disdain for Jean-Pierre Jeunet's direction
Joss Whedon’s disdain for Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s direction

On past occasions, Whedon made several comments about the 1997 endeavor starring Sigourney Weaver and Winona Ryder. This was the film whose screenplay credits go to the Justice League director. He worked alongside Jean-Pierre Jeunet. As it turns out, the former was not quite fond of the execution process that occurred during the film’s production.

In an interview, Joss Whedon expressed his disliking of the casting choices, the design elements, the lines and how they were said, the score of the fourth Alien film, etc. Following is what he had to say about it:

“They said the lines… mostly… but they said them all wrong. And they cast it wrong. And they designed it wrong. And they scored it wrong. They did everything wrong that they could possibly do. It wasn’t so much that they’d changed the script. It’s that they just executed it in such a ghastly fashion as to render it almost unwatchable.”

Alien Resurrection (1997)
Alien Resurrection (1997)

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Therefore, such claims ascertained that Joss Whedon was highly dissatisfied with the changes that were made in his screenplay and the directorship of the talent behind Amelie. In his latest interview with The Independent, Jeunet addressed the remarks made by the controversial Buffy The Vampire Slayer creator. Additionally, he gave his opinion on the kind of people Whedon makes movies for.

Marvel fans, this might upset you.

Jean-Pierre Jeunet Claims Joss Whedon Makes Movies For Morons

Joss Whedon directed the first two Avengers films
Joss Whedon directed the first two Avengers films

In the interview, while discussing the nitty-gritty that went into the production process of Alien Resurrection, Jean-Pierre Jeunet addressed the remarks that were once made by Joss Whedon. The French filmmaker claimed that he had been aware of the “bad things” the Justice League director said about him. To this, however, Jeunet showed no concern. He simply commented, “I don’t care.”

However, he went on to say that if Joss Whedon was responsible for making Alien Resurrection all by himself, he would presumably do a great job. “It would probably have been a big success,” Jeunet affirmed.

Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Jean-Pierre Jeunet

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In the same breath, Jeunet claimed that the films made by Whedon are mostly for “morons.” Here’s what he said:

“He’s [Joss Whedon] very good at making films for American geeks – something for morons. Because he’s very good at making Marvel films. I hate this kind of movie. It’s so silly, so stupid.”

On the matter of making changes to the Alien franchise and its 1997 film’s screenplay, the French filmmaker, pulling The Avengers director’s leg, joked, “Too Bad, Joss Whedon!”

It is not the first time a film director or people within the industry have called out Marvel and the kind of films it has to its name. Critiquing the franchise seems to have become somewhat of an unfortunate norm nowadays. That being said, Whedon’s criticism of the past towards Jeunet’s directorship received a kind of response that may be enough to blindside the former.

It would be intriguing to see whether or not the Firefly creator is planning to refute such a remark.

Alien Resurrection is available for streaming on Prime Video.

Source: The Independent

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