Jessica Jones: 5 Reasons It’s The Most Underrated Marvel Series

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Jessica Jones is a Marvel heroine who is not talked about as often as she deserves. The Jessica Jones series is a detective drama with a protagonist that happens to have superpowers. The series is so well made that it could beat any of the Marvel series with its brilliance. Though comparing Marvel’s shows and movies would not be fair, because they are all so different. But Jessica Jones could arguably be one of the best Marvel series. And here are the reasons why it is underrated.


1. It has the Perfect Tone

Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones

Compared to other Marvel series like Daredevil, Jessica Jones never stumbles from the tone it has set. The series has a well-balanced tone between violence and humor. The series fluidly slides from scenes of brutal violence that would make you look away from the screen to scenes with self-mocking jokes that make you crack up instantly. Jessica Jones has managed to set a tonal balance between devastation and child-friendly comedy early in the series and maintained it perfectly throughout. A few slips might happen here and there, but so far Jessica Jones undoubtedly is the best comic book show realized so far.

2. It makes Non-Superhuman Characters just as Important

Trish from Jessica Jones
Trish Williams

In most of Marvel’s series and movies, we notice that if a character does not have superpowers, they do not get any story or significant screen time either. But that is not the case with Jessica Jones. The show does contain people with powers like Jessica, Luke Cage, and Kilgrave. At the same time, it also has important characters like Trish, who do not have any superpowers but play a significant role. Trish saves Jessica just as many times as Jessica saves her.


3. The Lead is Strong but Vulnerable

Jessica Jones Stills
A strong but vulnerable lead

Jessica Jones, despite being a super-strong woman, is not away from imperfections. She has incredible superpowers but is haunted by a trauma that keeps her from exploring her true strength. The self-hatred that the character feels towards herself seems realistic and original. Jessica is a super-strong, capable, and self-dependent female but her faults keep her human still. And all these factors make her a relatable character and hence making the series much better than those with the perfect, flawless hero.

4. Female Protagonist

Female Lead

The number of Superhero series out these with a female protagonist is pretty low when compared to the male superheroes. Not just that Jessica Jones is even better than most movies and series with a female lead. Jessica isn’t portrayed like the usual superwoman, she is depicted as a very capable heroine. Her relationship with Trish is also shown in a very realistic manner, both women support each other without seeking much help from the men around them.

5. A Compelling Villain

Kilgrave with Jessica Jones
Kilgrave, the villain of Jessica Jones

Not just a heroine with depth is the perk of the series. The villain is equally compelling. The mind controller Kilgrave, with his blend of evil with a hint of compassion, becomes one of the most strangely likable villains of today. He is strong and a nuisance, with his skill to control presented in the creepiest way possible.


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