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“Joe is a real one for shouting out Watchmen”: While WB Destroys the Snyderverse Joe Rogan Hails Zack Snyder’s Watchmen as One of the Best Superhero Movies

"Joe is a real one for shouting out Watchmen": While WB Destroys the Snyderverse Joe Rogan Hails Zack Snyder's Watchmen as One of the Best Superhero Movies

The thing about Joe Rogan’s popularity is that whatever he says on his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience or another podcast, sticks, as in that certain clip of him talking about that topic is going to go viral. And now once again, Rogan has helped awaken the legacy of the long-gone Zack Snyder once again.

Well not literally gone, he’s just not in the DCU anymore, a franchise that he so loved and wanted to make a blockbuster universe. However, some of the recent comments by Joe Rogan regarding Snyder’s cult-classic DC movie Watchmen are sparking talks about how great of a director the Man of Steel director really is.

Zack Snyder FandomWire
Zack Snyder

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Joe Rogan Has High Praise For Zack Snyder’s Watchmen

There is certainly no doubt that Zack Snyder’s classic superhero thriller movie Watchmen has never failed to captivate audiences who are only recently discovering the movie. It’s a great story about morality and takes place in an alternate history set in 1985.

The dark & dystopian iteration of the superhero genre in Watchmen was, however, a commercial failure as it ended up becoming a box-office bomb. It earned a meager $185.3 million at the box office, compared to a budget of about $130-138 million.

Zack Snyder FandomWire

In fact, the “Ultimate Cut” of Watchmen ended up earning much more critical appraisal than the original cut as it included the animated comic Tales of The Black Freighter in the cut, essentially increasing the runtime to 3 hours and 35 minutes.

Even today, the legacy of one of Zack Snyder’s greatest works lives on in the minds of today’s social media personalities like Joe Rogan, who recently spoke words of praise for the movie.

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During an episode on The Joe Rogan Experience in which movie producer Mark Boal joined him, the 55-year-old UFC commentator and Boal were talking about the repetitive nature of Marvel movies. Boal commented-

“Well once in a while you get a Chris(topher) Nolan or somebody that has the insane artistic chops and also like the marketplace power with a number to like change it up…” 

Rogan interrupts by adding-

“Like the Watchmen”

An opinion that both mutually agreed upon. Watchmen really is a one-in-a-million production, owing to how it changed the storytelling structure of superheroes while also serving as a reminder that superheroes aren’t all mighty and good.

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Meanwhile, Zack Snyder Shares Exciting Update About Rebel Moon

After having left the DCU in search of greener pastures to work at, Zack Snyder successfully found solace in creating an epic space opera movie called Rebel Moon, which is intended to be a much more mature take on the Star Wars universe. It is also going to be a two-part movie, with production yet to begin on the second part.

Zack Snyder FandomWire
A still from Rebel Moon

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Co-produced by industry giant Netflix, Rebel Moon began filming on April 2022 and is still undergoing that process. But to keep fans updated, Snyder has shared an exciting sneak peek into a new sci-fi location that will be featured in the movie

In a post uploaded to the social media website Vero, the Dawn of the Dead director shared a photo of the location-

Zack Snyder FandomWire
The sci-fi location

Looks quite majestic, and it’s hitting all the right spots of Snyder fans who are eagerly waiting to check out his latest project.

Rebel Moon does not have a release date yet.

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