‘Movie Business is Ruled By Money’: John Carpenter Hints Displeasure at Studio Milking Halloween Franchise, Says Halloween Ends Won’t Be The End

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Halloween is considered the movie which started a long range of slasher movies in Hollywood. Currently, the franchise consists of 12 films, with another set to release within a few months. While the franchise still manages to go blockbuster and bring in massive cash, the filmmaker John Carpenter thinks, it’s just a cash machine now for the producers. John Carpenter is the man who started this franchise. He directed the 1978 horror flick. The director has always been vocal about the industry’s business side; his latest victim seems to be the Michael Myers slasher franchise.

Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween Kills
Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween Kills

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John Carpenter displeased with Halloween makers

Even though the Halloween franchise is known for its horror and slasher portrayal, the timeline shown in the movie has also caused a great deal of confusion over the years. According to the timeline being followed, the next movie is reportedly going to end the story of Laurie Strode played by Jamie Lee Curtis.

John Carpenter not pleased with Halloween's future
John Carpenter

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According to John Carpenter, he is not very pleased with the makers as they seem to be milking the franchise. Speaking on the money-making aspect of Hollywood he is pretty sure that the franchise will continue to go on as long as it brings in enough profits:

“I didn’t expect there to be a sequel [to Halloween ’78]. The movie business is ruled by money. [The first] Halloween made so much money, here they came again, the same guys [saying], ‘Hey John, let’s do another one. I guarantee you if Halloween Ends makes a lot of money, guess what? Just guess what.”

Precisely, John Carpenter was not associated with the franchise after the first movie till he returned as a composer for the 2018 remake. But by his experience and knowledge in the industry, he knows well when the studios start making sequels only to make money through an established title.


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Will the Halloween Finally End?

James Jude Courtney and Nick Castle as Micahel Myers in Halloween (2018)
Michael Myers, the main antagonist of Halloween

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The main storyline of the Halloween series focuses on Michael Myers, the serial killer, and his tussle with Laurie Strode. The Halloween Ends is reported to end the story arc of Laurie Strode. But if John Carpenter’s words are to be believed then it can be said that more parts can come in the future if the upcoming part becomes successful.


According to producer Jason Blum of Blumhouse productions, this will not be the final movie of the franchise but the final one to be made under the Blumhouse umbrella.

As we don’t know much about the plot of the upcoming movie, the hype is very noticeable among the fans and it will be exciting to figure out how does the final performance of Jamie Lee Curtis carry out.

Halloween Ends is going to hit the theaters on October 14, 2022 


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