‘Just don’t make it black and white like Werewolf By Night’: With Rumors of Ghost Rider Disney+ Special in Development, Marvel Fans Demand a Total Overhaul

Ghost Rider Disney+ Special in Development
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Marvel Studios is rumored to be working on a Ghost Rider Special Presentation for Disney+. This new segment launched by the Kevin Feige studio is a way to introduce characters and stories that are not compatible with either movies or the Disney+ series. The first step toward this was Werewolf by Night released by Marvel this Halloween. But now as the rumors of a similar project regarding Ghost Rider have come to the surface, the fans are not looking to be very happy with it.

Spawn vs. Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider

The fans are demanding to watch Ghost Rider in the MCU for a long time. The last time we got the character was in the 2007 film starring Nicholas Cage. In the comics, various people have used the mantle, the most popular of which is Johnny Blaze. Now as we are rumored to be heading towards a special presentation about the character, the fans don’t look much happy.

Is Marvel Studios working on a Ghost Rider TV Special?

Ghost Rider (2007)
Ghost Rider (2007)

After the release of Werewolf by Night, Marvel is also set to release The Guardians of the Galaxy: Holiday Special this November. It seems that the Studio has taken a liking to this format for producing stories outside the area of movies and series.


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Now according to a Tweet, Marvel Studios is rumored to be working on a Ghost Rider presentation too. But is important to note down that this is nothing more than a rumor and should be taken with a pinch of salt.


Many sources have also pointed out earlier that following Werewolf by Night‘s tonality and the uniqueness among the projects of the MCU, Ghost Rider can also be a good pick for the future. Moreover, the report by Deadline stating that English actor Sacha Baron Cohen is being cast as Mephisto in the upcoming Ironheart series also hints at the inclusion of the character in the MCU.

On top of it, Marvel already setting up a list of supernatural-themed characters such as Kit Harrington’s Black Knight in The Eternals, to the upcoming Blade also concludes that we can soon get to watch the Midnight Sons in action. But the fans seemingly look unhappy as they demand a full-length movie or a series for a character like Ghost Rider.

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The Fans cannot be satisfied with a Special Presentation

Ghost Rider rumored to be in development
Gabriel Luna as Ghost Rider in The Agents of Shield

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The Marvel fans took over the internet as soon as the rumor was circulated. While a user wrote that he will not be satisfied if Marvel decides to go black and white again like Werewolf by Night, some of them think that the character deserves more. On the other hand, many of the fans wanted to watch Gabriel Luna’s Ghost Rider story from The Agents of Shield to continue in the series instead of Johnny Blaze’s.



It is evident from the reactions that the fans will not be pleased very much if this rumor turns out to be true. But once again, it is not yet confirmed by the officials so there’s not much clarity yet. Although more than enough possibilities are there for the character to be introduced before the Avengers: Secret Wars, it will be looked forward to which version they pick up, Johnny Blaze, Gabriel Luna’s fan favorite Robbie Reyes, or Danny Ketch.

Werewolf by Night can be streamed on Disney+ while The Guardians of the Galaxy: Holiday Special will be available to stream from November 25, 2022.


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GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY HOLIDAY SPECIAL Trailer | Chris Pratt, Dave Bautista, Karen Gillan | Disney+


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