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‘MCU’s Midnight Sons need a movie’: Marvel Fans Want Punisher, Werewolf by Night, Blade, Moon Knight, Ghost Rider and Morbius to Star in a Team-up Project

Marvel Fans Want Punisher, Werewolf by Night, Blade, Moon Knight, Ghost Rider and Morbius to Star in a Team-up Project

What’s the one common thing that the new Midnight Sons team roster that includes Werewolf by Night, Punisher, Blade, Moon Knight, Ghost Rider, and Morbius have? – they haven’t been seen in a single standalone project that revolves its story around the said team of supernatural superheroes. We think it’s time that Marvel Studios pumps one out.

Midnight Sons has seen a lot of changes to its roster ever since its inception in 1992 when the original team appeared in Ghost Rider #31. That team consisted of Danny Ketch, Johnny Blaze, Blade, Morbius, and Doctor Strange- and the members have been ever-changing since then. But it’s safe to say that the fans would love to see a movie based around the team by Marvel soon.

Midnight Sons FandomWire
An iteration of the Midnight Sons team

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Fans Plead With Conditions For A Midnight Sons Movie

The new roster for the Midnight Sons are all characters that have their own standalone projects in the MCU (excluding Ghost Rider).

Moon Knight & Punisher got its own TV show, Blade is getting an upcoming reboot movie, Werewolf by Night is the main focus of Marvel’s latest television special, and Ghost Rider and Morbius have their own movies too! (although the last two character’s projects just didn’t cut it for fans).

Midnight Sons FandomWire
An iteration of the Midnight Sons team

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These characters, however, have all been a part of Midnight Sons at least once in the comics, and it’s absolutely a bizarre revelation for fans of the supernatural team that a team-up of these characters in an MCU movie is still not a thing in 2022.

Fans have put forward their demands on Twitter, but these two particular characters are getting heavy criticism for being on the team roster-

This fan is still on the Morbius joke-

This fan does not want Morbius and Punisher on the team! –

Werewolf by Night is shaping up to be a pretty dark special, so maybe? –

These two characters seem to be out of favor among fans of Midnight Sons-

This is in fact, true-

This is quite surprising, Morbius has regularly been a part of the Midnight Sons so we don’t get why they want him out, perhaps it’s newfound hate that came about ever since the Jared Leto-led movie based on the character flopped.

As for the Punisher, fans loved the TV show that the character got, and Kevin Feige would definitely have him over Morbius whose reputation has been tarnished as of late

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Werewolf By Night Seems To Set Up A Midnight Sons Movie

Werewolf by Night has been the talk of the town for Marvel fans ever since the TV special was announced to be in the works since August 2021. The news came out that Marvel was working on a Halloween-themed project based on the character that will air on Disney+.

Midnight Sons FandomWire
A still from Werewolf by Night

It’s been a year-long wait to have finally seen the trailer for the TV special, which as we saw, looked terrifying. Judging alone from the trailer we can see that Marvel is taking the limits of the MCU a step further by experimenting with gore and lots (and lots!) of blood in their projects, and this sets up nothing but an exciting R-rated future for the MCU.

It’s surely an ambitious project for the MCU to show all that gore, but one little detail that everyone seems to have missed is the fact that Werewolf by Night just introduced to the MCU three core members of the Midnight Sons team.

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Werewolf by Night, Man-Thing, and Elsa Bloodstone have all been a part of the supernatural team. With most of the characters from the team already existing in the MCU, it would be safe to at least speculate that Marvel is planning for a movie based on the Midnight Sons, and we so want it to be true!

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