‘Just don’t make Morbius: The Series’: Amazon Teams Up With Sony for First Spider-Verse Show ‘Silk: Spider Society’, Fans Convinced Sony Will Screw This Up

'Just don't make Morbius: The Series': Amazon Teams Up With Sony for First Spider-Verse Show 'Silk: Spider Society', Fans Convinced Sony Will Screw This Up
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It has been known for a while that Sony has been wanting to get into the TV and streaming space with many of its Spider-verse characters. But all talks about its shows were happening with Amazon for Prime Video releases, instead of having another partnership with Disney for Disney+. And now things are official as Prime Video will be the exclusive home for Sony’s Marvel shows. In fact, the first of those series has already been announced with Silk: Spider Society, but the fans aren’t completely sold on it.


The Sony-Amazon Deal

With MGM under its belt, Amazon was already sitting pretty. But now according to The Hollywood Reporter, they’ve formed a new bond with Sony and are currently working on a slate of several original TV series based on the Spider-verse characters. As per TV Line, Silk: Spider Society will be the first of a “suite of live-action television series based on the Sony Pictures universe of Marvel characters, which includes over 900 characters,” (per MGM+).


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Silk: Spider Society – The Series

"Silk" -- New live-action Spider-Man series
“Silk” — New live-action Spider-Man series

Angela Kang (The Walking Dead showrunner) will oversee the Silk series and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse directors, Phil Lord and Chris Miller will act as executive producers. The show is centered around Cindy Moon, a Korean-American girl who also gets bitten by the same radioactive Spider that turned Peter Parker into Spider-Man. So, in a similar fashion, we’ll be following Cindy Moon’s journey as she “escapes imprisonment and searches for her missing family on her way to becoming the superhero known as Silk.”

We could expect this series to introduce some other Spider-Verse characters for Sony-Amazon to make spinoffs out of. And another important thing to note is that before streaming globally on Amazon’s Prime Video platform, Silk: Spider Society will first air domestically on the Epix-transformed network MGM+.


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Fan Reactions to the ‘Silk’ Announcement

It looks like Sony Pictures is developing a live-action series based on their heroine Spider-Man character, Silk! We've got the details!

Sony has a bad history of mishandling its prime IP. The first 2 Spider-Man movies were good, but then Spider-Man 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man movies felt problematic (to put it kindly). Then Marvel started handling Spider-Man and he became a goldmine. Meanwhile, Sony began to cash in on their other Spider-verse characters. They’ve done well with Venom, but Morbius has been horrible. So, all the fans aren’t totally sold on the new announcement(s) as they don’t want another Morbius to look at!


Here are the craziest fan reactions to Sony’s next move in handling their Spider-verse characters:

Not supportive of Angela Kang though!


Not just Sony, but people aren’t confident about Amazon either (especially after The Rings of Power):


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Some people are optimistic…


What about her connection to Spider-Man?

They might stray away from Peter Parker and give Cindy her own space in the Spider-verse. Meaning, she could be the ‘Spider-Man’ of her universe. But all we can hope is for them to handle the character in a way that’s true to the comics.


Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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