Kids Movies That Feature Inappropriate Characters


How much time did you spend in your childhood watching movies and shows? And do you remember its impact on you? The kids movies and shows have a great deal of influence on kids, so we expect the movies to be morally right so that they learn while watching. Kids movies are supposed to be all things good. They are supposed to be funny, cute and should pass on some moral values to the tiny tots. But there are some characters in kids movies that no one really thought about during their making and are really inappropriate characters. We probably didn’t take a note of this when we were kids, and neither did the adults; hence we are bringing it to your notice. Here’s a list of kids movies that feature inappropriate characters.

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The Caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland 

The Caterpillar in alice in wonderland kids movie inappropriate characters
He was seen smoking hookah

Drug references in kids movies aren’t new. The movie is already considered as a result of psychedelic experiences (thanks to Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit), and Disney’s Alice in Wonderland 1951 sort of proved it right. When Alice walked about to the Caterpillar, we all saw him sitting with a hookah pot, high(?). A puff of smoke surrounds him, and when Alice asks him for advice, he tells her about the mushroom, the one side of which will make her taller and the other half will make her smaller. I really wonder what he is really talking about. Besides, to show this in a kids movie, is really concerning. The character in a kids movie is inappropriate.


Chel and Tulio from The Road to El Dorado

The Road to El Dorado kids movie inappropriate characters
The scene was uncomfortable

The movie is a fun one to watch and was still fine until a particular scene in the movie. The Road to El Dorado didn’t make much on the box office and also made a meme material for the netizens. The movie has a few inappropriate words, but these two characters, in particular, are totally inappropriate for a kids movie. The two con-men, Tulio and Miguel, are on a quest to find the City of Gold, El Dorado, and instead are received on the shores and are worshipped. Chel tries to seduce Tulio multiple times, and a scene shows the two of them making out. The part where they are startled and Chel pops up first and Tulio a second later indicates more than just making out. 

Shaggy from Scooby-Doo movie

Kids movie inappropriate characters
Mary Jane or marijuana

Along with Shaggy, Scooby-Doo has been our pet in our childhood, too. Kids loved the animated Scooby-Doo TV show. We never really pay attention to the details while we are kids, but now they do add up. Shaggy has been said to be a stoner many times by a lot of viewers. His habit of constant snacking and feeling drowsy or lazy all the time is typical. Although, this one thing in the movie also pointed in a similar direction. There’s a scene in the movie where Shaggy is on a plane with a girl sitting next to him. He tells her name as “Mary Jane”, to which he responds that it is his favorite name. For all those who don’t know, Mary Jane is slang used for marijuana.


Lord Farquaad in Shrek

Kids movies inappropriate characters
The character was all red signals

This is one of the most inappropriate characters in kids movies and has raised one too many eyebrows. Such characters in a kids movie are totally unacceptable. Everything about this character screams “inappropriate, starting from his name. The name sounds like the “F” word pronounced by a little kid and somewhat suits his character. He cracks a lot of sex jokes in the movie. Apart from all this, one moment in the movie crosses the limits. He is sitting in his bed, most probably, naked, holding a glass of martini, and orders the mirror to show him, Princess Fiona. The mirror’s discomfort is visible. And it doesn’t just end here; when he sees the princess, he looks beneath his sheet. It made so many parents turn off the movie.

Princess Mombi in Return to Oz


Mombi in Return to OZ (1985)
Mombi and her heads

Return to Oz was released in 1985 and had not just one disturbing character but filled with dark and scary (for a kid) moments. But the character is the highlight of them. The character is from the books written by L. Frank Baum and is the main antagonist of the second part. The movie writers decided to combine two characters from the book, one from the second and the other from the third book- Princess Langwidere. She is a weird character even to read about in a book, let alone watch her come to life in the movie. Princess Mombi from the movie is an antagonist who likes to wear different heads, just like Princess Langwidere. The sight where she does that is absolutely horrifying to be present in a kids movie. 

Bus Driver in Hocus Pocus

Kids Movies That Feature Inappropriate Characters


The scene in the movie still gives me the creeps. How can one imagine for the kids to see it? The scene in the movie, where the Sanderson sisters, Bette, Kathy, and Sarah, board a city bus to look for the children of Salem. The creepy driver then looks up to the three girls and talks about conveying gorgeous creatures like them to their most “forbidden desires”. The girls innocently tell him that they want the kids; the comment after that about trying with the kids was even disturbing. 

The Coachman in Pinocchio 

The Coachman in Pinocchio
The nightmare just came true

Were you scared of monsters taking you away because of your bad behavior when you were a kid? Well then, this movie probably brings the same fear on the big screen. Pinocchio was released in 1940 shows us a Pleasure Island, remember? It is a cursed island owned by the Coachman and takes all the bad kids from all around the towns and villages and hires more people to do the same. These kids are allowed to do everything they want, like smoking, drinking alcohol, gamble and more such things good kids won’t do. They were allowed to do all that until they turned into donkeys and were sold off as slaves. How horrible is that a thing for a kid to watch?


Things like these leave a more profound impact than we can ever imagine, and we might never know what they will pick up from everything that they see. Hence these are the characters from certain movies you would want to keep your kids away from! 



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