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Kissing Blake Lively’s Close Friend Was Like Taking Your Face into Awesometown – Ryan Reynolds Had a Strange Choice of Words For His Intimate Scene With Anna Kendrick

Kissing Blake Lively's Close Friend Was Like Taking Your Face into Awesometown - Ryan Reynolds Had a Strange Choice of Words For His Intimate Scene With Anna Kendrick

Ryan Reynolds proved to be an exceptional performer in The Voices, where he starred as a schizophrenic killer, Jerry Hickfang. The film, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, received positive reviews from critics, who lauded the Deadpool actor’s performance. Alongside Reynolds, the comedy horror film also starred Gemma Arterton, Jacki Weaver, and Anna Kendrick.

Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds as Jerry Hickfang in The Voices

Kendrick was cast as Lisa, Reynolds’ character’s girlfriend in the movie, and the two became close friends. Interestingly, the Pitch Perfect actress also befriended the Green Lantern actor’s wife, Blake Lively, soon after. All three actors are famously known for their active social media presence.

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Ryan Reynolds’ Tweet About Kissing Anna Kendrick Caught Audience Attention

Anna Kendrick and Ryan Reynolds
Anna Kendrick and Ryan Reynolds promoting The Voices

Ryan Reynolds is at his hilariously best on social media, engaging in constant playful banter with his wife, Blake Lively. His co-star and friend, Anna Kendrick, is also an active social media user, and she even has a friendly competition ongoing with Reynolds. Both actors were nominated for a Teen Choice Award for their social media presence, with the Twilight actress winning the ‘Choice Twit’ award.

In her acceptance speech, she playfully told the Just Friends actor on-screen (via Access Hollywood), “In your face, Ryan. I beat you. Stay in your lane!”. Later, during a Twitter Q&A, Reynolds was asked by a fan about the kissing scene he shared with Kendrick in The Voices. In a strange choice of words that caught his fans off-guard, The Adam Project actor compared it to “taking your face into Awesometown”.

The comment section erupted with excitement, but what truly set it ablaze was Kendrick’s response, where she declared it as the “Kendrick-train guarantee”. In her wordplay, the Love Life actress also remarked that the experience could get awkward at times.

Interestingly, the Trolls actress has also posted playfully suggestive comments under the Instagram posts of Reynolds’ significant other. Kendrick starred together with Blake Lively in the 2018 film, A Simple Favor, where both actresses also shared an on-screen kiss.

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Blake Lively Called Her Co-Star A “Hotter, Female(r) Version” Of Ryan Reynolds

Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively
Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively promoting A Simple Favor

In A Simple Favor, Anna Kendrick played Stephanie Smothers, a widowed mother and vlogger, who investigates the missing of her mysterious friend, Emily, played by Blake Lively. Both Kendrick and Lively did next-level promotions for their film, occasionally leveraging their massive social media following. As part of the film’s promotion, The Shallows actress posted the movie poster on her Instagram, mentioning that Kendrick was a “hotter, female(r) version of her husband”.

The Mr. Right actress commented on the post, humorously remarking that she was happy about Lively publicly acknowledging their relationship, while also mentioning Reynolds. Ryan Reynolds also came up with a witty quip, sharing that this was “the most ambitious crossover event in history”.

Blake Lively's post
Blake Lively’s Instagram Post

It appears that Kendrick shares a great friendship with the celebrity couple. Their inside jokes have now become a source of entertainment for their social media followers. A Simple Favor achieved success at the box office, and a sequel was announced in May 2022, with both actresses returning for the film.

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Both, A Simple Favor and The Voices are now available for streaming on Prime Video.

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