Latest Superman Funko Pop Sparks Hope For Henry Cavill’s Return to DCEU


JJ Abrams is working on a big-screen adaptation of Superman, while Michael B. Jordan is developing an HBO Max series featuring the Calvin Ellis/Val-Zod version of the character. Unfortunately, neither of these projects appears to be bringing Cavill back into the superhero fold, putting his superhero future in jeopardy.

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Henry Cavill's Superman
Henry Cavill as Superman

An unidentified studio source believes Henry Cavill’s Superman is required for a DC Extended Universe revival. Despite only starring in three of the most disputed DC films, Henry Cavill’s Superman is widely acknowledged as one of the greatest interpretations of the character. David Zaslav looks to be attempting to reintroduce Superman to the forefront, implying that development with the hero might be on the way shortly. Despite his unknown future in the role, new merchandising has pushed Cavill’s Superman back to the forefront.


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Henry Cavill’s Superman Funko ignites hopes

Henry Cavill's Superman gets a new Funko
Henry Cavill’s Superman gets a new Funko

A new Pop! Vinyl figurine based on Henry Cavill’s Superman from Justice League has been released by Funko. The news comes five years after the British actor last appeared in front of the camera in his 2017 ensemble’s DC outfit, with the actor’s future in the part still up in the air. The glow-in-the-dark Chase Variant, which includes the Man of Steel’s laser red eyes, will be included in a small number of random orders. The 3 3/4-inch tall AAA Anime Exclusive figurine will be released in July 2022.


Henry Cavill is much needed for DCEU Revival

Most beloved superman: Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

Following the Warner Media and Discovery merger, an unidentified DC studio source was interviewed about the DCEU’s future intentions. Despite not being able to reveal any specific plans, the unidentified source revealed their opinions on what the studio could do to rekindle interest in the franchise, including bringing back Henry Cavill as Superman for a DCEU revival.

“If anything they’ll go back to individual movies unless De Luca has some plan. They need to get a f—ing Superman movie off the ground, and if the plan is a shared universe, a Cavill-led Superman needs to be the focal point. [They] should scratch every Superman project in development and start fresh with Cavill.”

With Cavill expressing interest in resuming the role on many occasions and apparently having held talks with the studio in early 2020 to return in some form, the unnamed studio insider’s projections for the DCEU’s future may be correct. Meanwhile, fans can catch up on Cavill’s Superman DCEU run right now on HBO Max.


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