Val-Zod: 10 Facts About Michael B Jordan’s Superman To Know Before The HBO Max Series

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Clark Kent is obviously the most popular version of Superman. Michael B Jordan will be heading an HBO Max series on Val-Zod, a relatively new Superman from another Earth. here are some Vl-Zod facts for you.


Became Superman After Kal-El’s Death

Earth-2’s original Superman led the heroes against Apokolips and its armies. In the ensuing battle, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and a lot more heroes perished. The onus ultimately fell on Val-Zod to take up the mantel of the Man of Steel. A completely different version of Superman, Val-Zod did give us a fresh perspective when it comes to Superman.


He Has A Genius Level Intelligence

Val-Zod is not the regular, muscle brawn Superman you know and fell in love with. He loves acquiring knowledge. Val-Zod’s pacifistic attitudes led him to a path of science and knowledge-seeking. He is just as strong mentally as he is physically. That means he is a more well-rounded character than Kal-El.

Val-Zod Is Agoraphibic


When he was in a pod while en-route to Earth, he got stuck inside for a longer time than planned. This did do number on his psychology. Val-Zod developed a fear of the outside – a condition known as agoraphobia. After being taken in by Terry Sloane, he voluntarily stayed inside an apartment for a long while. That was before Lois Lane convinced him to get over his fears and use his powers for the greater good.

Adopted by Jor-El

His original parents were killed by the Kryptonian Scientific Council because of their radical ideas and beliefs. But the Els took the young Zod in and raised him as one of their own. Val-Zod was raised alongside Kara Zor-El and Kal-El. When Krypton was just about to meet its doom, Jor-El sent all the three children to Earth in space pods.


Detests Violence

Val-Zod’s parents were executed because they were ready to challenge Krypton’s status quo. Growing up with the Els, Val-Zod would repeatedly listen to the recordings of his deceased parents. His parents believed that violence only begets more violence. He strongly believed in pacifism until he took up the mantle of Superman. Val-Zod realized that sometimes violence is a necessary evil for protecting the greater good.

His First Ever Fight Was Against Kal-El


Lois Lane helps Val-Zod stand on his feet and become the new Superman. The reason was she wanted Val-Zod to fight Brutaal, an evil version of Superman. People thought it was a brainwashed Kal-El. But the truth was it was never Kal-El to begin with. Brutaal was just an evil clone of Superman.

Trained By Red Tornado

After the first Apokoliptian Invasion of Earth, Lois Lane died in the crossfire. Her father put her mind in the body of the Red Tornado. As Red Tornado, Lois Lane helped Val-Zod in more ways than one. That also included training him in the art of combat. She also helped Val-Zod in his fight against Brutaal, her late husband’s evil clone.


Val-Zod Has His Own Justice League

After the original Justice League members were killed, a new iteration of the team took over in there stead. Val-Zod and Lois Lane aka the Red Tornado of Earth-2 joined the team. A super-smart assassin – Jimmy Olsen along with Aquawoman and a new Batman formed the new Justice League under Val-Zod’s leadership. They successfully pushed back Darkseid’s assault on Earth.

Took The War To Apokolips


After years of being pounded over by the forces of Apokolips, the heroes of Earth-2 took the fight to the place where it all started. Val-Zod, Lois, and Helena went to Apokolips. Along the way, they even found a Green Lantern who decided to aid them in their fight.

Doctor Fate Gave Him Purpose

While Lois Lane did help in convincing Val-Zod to stand up to his agoraphobia, it was Fate who showed him why he needs to fight. Val-Zod was a staunch pacifist and Doctor Fate showed him what happens if he does not become Superman and fights for Earth. His visions convinced Val-Zod to go against his own instincts and become a Superman who will protect everyone no matter the cost.



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