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‘Reeks of a Company Trying Hard To Stay Relevant’: Fans React to Law & Order Star Christopher Meloni Going Nude for Fitness Ad

Christopher Meloni of TV’s Law & Order: Organized Crime feels like a cover-up which is way worse than the crime. It’s not even that shocking to assume that he’s capsized that philosophy to his workout wear. In that clip, as the camera zooms, he is shown to be naked with his body being pixelated, to cover up the private areas of the course. He then jokingly says, “Me, I do not think using the Peloton app is strange at all.”

Christopher Meloni works out naked in a new ad
Christopher Meloni works out naked in a new ad

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Christopher Meloni then went on to show all the ways he uses the Peloton app including meditation yoga and kickboxing, he actually attempts a bit of everything. To be honest, no law explains you can not work out naked, according to the actor at least.

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Law & Order’s Christopher Meloni Goes Nude in New Peloton Advertisement

Law & Order fans reacted to Christopher Meloni's naked Peloton ad
Law & Order fans reacted to Christopher Meloni’s naked Peloton ad

Christopher Meloni then goes on to show that he uses it for yoga, cardio, meditation, and strength training. He says:

“I even use the app for running, “Now, does that seem strange to you?”

“Apparently, some people think the way I work out is strange, Honestly I don’t get it. Me, I don’t think using the Peloton app is strange at all.”

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The kicker is the solemn voiceover at the end of the clip, which uses its style from Steve Zirnkilton’s Law & Order mission statement on the criminal justice system that comes before every episode. He is known for narrating all of the series in NBC’s Law & Order franchise, says the viewers in voiceover:

“In the Peloton community, users are represented by two separate, yet equally motivated groups: those who wear pants, and Christopher Meloni.”

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The naked scene of Peloton ad
The naked scene of Peloton ad

Peloton has been a topic discussion of some unflattering media attention since late 2021, in addition to declaring layoffs earlier this year. After Chris Noth’s Sex and the City character Mr. Big died attending an intense Peloton workout during an episode of HBO Max’s sequel series And Just Like That in December, the workout company worked together with Chris Noth, also known for his prior role in Law & Order, for an advertisement poking fun at the death scene. Peloton pulled the attention less than a week later following multiple women reaching them blaming sexual assault statements against the actor, which he has denied.


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