Legendary Entertainment Wants To Break Deal With WB Studios in Order To Save it’s Iconic MonsterVerse Franchise


Legendary Entertainment is an American film production and mass media company based in California that was founded by Thomas Tull 22 years ago. The company since then has rivaled its contemporaries to become one of the most successful and well-recognized Hollywood financiers. However, being a production company, it’s crucial for Legendary Entertainment to be associated with a studio, and as its deal with Warner Bros. draws to a close, it seems as though Legendary might be looking to move alliances elsewhere.

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Legendary Entertainment explores the future beyond Warner Bros.

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Legendary Entertainment’s Deal With WB Draws to an End

Since its foundation in 2000, the company has had a good run with Warner Bros. Having spent most of the years in an intermittent relationship, the Burbank-based Legendary had had its fair share of controversial opinions of WB Studio’s handling of matters. The divisive opinion clashed most of all during the pandemic’s aftermath when WarnerMedia’s Jason Kilar launched ‘Project Popcorn’ in 2021 which witnessed the launch of MonsterVerse movie, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, and Dune simultaneously in theatres as well as on streaming.

Legendary Entertainment
Thomas Tull, founder of Legendary Entertainment

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Although the move proved to be inherently successful and went on to make both companies incredible profits in the coming months, it was still uncalled for in Legendary’s opinion and became a subject that almost warranted legal action against WB. No active measure was undertaken by the production company but the incident somewhat contributed to Legendary’s current decision to find refuge elsewhere as its contract with Warner Bros. draws to a close.

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Legendary Seeks to Protect the MonsterVerse During its Exit

As David Zaslav‘s management at the new Warner Bros. Discovery has been unilaterally slashing projects, irrespective of directors or budget, it seems like an appropriate time to pave the path toward an exit from the WB association for Legendary Entertainment. Given that the contracted stay brought much strain on the company’s already fraught relationship with the studio, it now looks forward to contracting a stay with either Sony or Paramount, with a preference toward the former.

Godzilla v Kong sequel is in the works at Legendary
Godzilla v Kong sequel is currently in the works at Legendary

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However, the major concern for Legendary at the moment is the preservation and protection of its MonsterVerse franchise which it seeks to retain in the aftermath of its departure. Currently, the sequel to Godzilla v Kong is in the works along with a new MonsterVerse series being produced for AppleTV+ Legendary is also associated with the upcoming Dune: Part Two, its television spin-off, Dune: The Sisterhood, and the Enola Holmes 2 collaboration with Netflix.

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