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“They’re gonna butcher the graphics”: King Kong Origin Series Confirmed To Premiere on Disney+, Fans Worried Limited Budget Will Hamper Graphics Amidst VFX Artists Controversy

King Kong Origin Series on disney plus

King Kong has become one of the most popular monsters in the history of cinema, with the first novelization in 1933’s King Kong by RKO Pictures. There have been many reiterations of the character with the recent Warner Bros./Legendary Entertainment’s MonsterVerse. Now, there’s news that the beast will be a part of the Mouse House.

A King Kong series on Disney+
A King Kong series on Disney+

A series is in development and would come out on Disney+. The King Kong series would be the origin story of the giant ape and Skull Island. With the news out the fans are worried that the studio might ruin the graphics with its recent VFX artist controversy.

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The origin series of King Kong would premiere on Disney+

According to Deadline, the series is being written by Stephany Folsom, the creator of the Amazon Prime series, Paper Girls.

Disney to retell the origin of the giant ape and its home
Disney to retell the origin of the giant ape and its home

The Disney series “is a serialized action-adventure drama that brings the classic monster story into the modern age, with a return to Skull Island and the dawn of a new Kong. The series will explore the mythology of King Kong’s origin story and the supernatural mysteries of his home based on IP from Merian C. Cooper’s original books and the new King Kong novelizations by Joe DeVito.”

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The character is now over 90-year-old and is entangled in the web of rights, but the original novelization is now public property. Warner Bros./ Legendary’s MonsterVerse uses the Kong part of the monster’s name and Netflix is also developing an anime series, Skull Island.

The fans are worried about the VFX artist controversy

Fans are concerned about the VFX
Fans are concerned about the VFX

Recently, Disney has been facing some heat with its VFX and the controversy with VFX artists being overworked and not being paid well by the studio, fans have expressed some concerns on Twitter that the studio might ruin the classic VFX of the character that has developed over the years. Also, wonder why Disney wants to work on the origin story that has been told a few times already.

Looking at the fans’ response, it cannot be exactly said that they are excited about the upcoming live-action series. Apart from the Disney+ series in development, many simultaneous Kong projects are in the works and it seems like the Mouse House wants to take part in the race.

The King Kong series is still in the early stages of development.

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