LEGO Fortnite is ‘broken and useless’ as Fans Turn on Popular Spin-Off

The open-world game is now grating fans' nerves as bugs are making it a pain to play.

LEGO Fortnite is 'broken and useless' as Fans Turn on Popular Spin-Off


  • LEGO Fortnite has a laundry list of bugs that are affecting its experience.
  • Some involve the breaking of created structures, and some involve structures disappearing altogether.
  • Fans are now ready to give up on the game as sentiments are fairly negative.
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While LEGO does make some amazing games using beloved franchises, LEGO Fortnite is not on that list. The game was released in December of 2023, and ever since, the list of complaints has been growing longer with every passing day. It seems there is a new bug waiting for players every time they log on and drop into a map! From building issues to entire villages being wiped out, the LEGO Fortnite horror stories continue, and fans are quickly losing their patience with the title. Will Epic Games be able to turn this around and address these issues?


The LEGO Fortnite Subreddit is filled with complaints regarding bugs

LEGO Fortnite is disappointing fans with its extensive list of bugs.
LEGO Fortnite is disappointing fans with its extensive list of bugs.

Not a day goes by on r/LEGOFortnite where there isn’t a single post regarding a bug faced by a player. Each of these threads is often filled with hundreds of comments deriding the game and sharing their own instances of frustrating or downright game-breaking bugs. It’s getting to the point where players are ready to give up on the game entirely for their own peace of mind.

I’m done with this broken game. Too many issues and wasted time
byu/sfchillin inLEGOfortnite


A recent post on the subreddit illustrates this perfectly. In the video, we can see a player building what appears to be a sky bridge. As they lay it out panel by panel towards a shelter, they are careful not to fall off. However, once they build the panel under the shelter, the entire bridge disappears, breaking up into its wood components. As the player is gliding down to the ground, they look behind and we can see just how long the bridge was to get an understanding of the time investment that went into the project.  

The bugs don’t stop at players engaging in active building. The “Village Bug” stopped players from progressing to Level 10, with the reason behind the issue being breaking renovations. Another Redditor posted a picture of their home build, stating that 99% of their creation is just gone. This included their chest room that stored rare items. The user even called it a “heart breaking game ending bug for me”.

Epic Games is scrambling to make LEGO Fortnite playable

Entire villages are being wiped out without warning due to technical issues.
Entire villages are being wiped out without warning due to technical issues.

The developer is working hard to push out updates and patches to address the many bugs. However, the current scenario feels very much like a sinking ship. Fans on the subreddit are also constantly demanding Epic to fix the issues, and if something is not done soon then we can expect the player base to drop significantly.


In the midst of all the chaos, players are trying their best to enjoy the game. Many are creating structures and even entire villages as a collective project. Some have even recreated their favorite Call of Duty maps within the game. 

As the bugs keep racking up and the player base continues to bleed, LEGO Fortnite appears to be on its last legs. While the original Fortnite has its fair share of bugs as well, they are patched and fixed pretty quickly, making it a solid live-service experience. 

Do you think LEGO Fortnite is going to stand the test of time? Let us know in the comments below!

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