‘Let’s steer clear’: Moon Knight Producer Finally Addresses Avengers Connection

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With the end of their 3rd Phase, Marvel has wrapped up one of the biggest Avengers storylines as well as managed to introduce some diverse new concepts. As Phase 4 takes over, the characters from the previous decade take on battles of their own. After the blip and the confirmed existence of the multiverse, every character, and their narratives have become centered around these concepts. This is particularly tangible in WandaVision, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, and Loki. However, keeping in tandem with their usual modus operandi, Marvel has again come up with a new game plan. The latest Disney+ series, Moon Knight, posed a surprisingly fresh storyline with no mention of either the blip or the multiverse. Let’s look at what the Moon Knight producer has to say about it.

Moon Knight and the Scarlet Scarab
Moon Knight and the Scarlet Scarab

Moon Knight Producer Opens Up About Series Storyline

Producer, Jeremy Slater, in an exclusive interview with The Direct talks about Marvel’s plan with the Moon Knight storyline. The series follows protagonist Marc Spector and his alter ego Steven Grant as they battle against Egyptian gods and their own psyche. However, the plot revealed no hint whatsoever that The Blip had occurred or that the Multiverse exists. Despite the fact that acknowledging the Multiverse would help explain a lot about the reality-bending plot of the series, the show producer steered clear of the concept.

Disney+ could announce Moon Knight season 2 soon
Oscar Isaac as the protagonist suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder

Slater explained in the interview that Marvel has a knack for avoiding repetitions. The four initial Phase 4 Disney+ series was deeply invested in the aforementioned concepts. With Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight, Marvel wanted to take a different path. One that focused entirely on the protagonist and not the wider, more complex Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Source: Jeremy Slater talks to The Direct about Moon Knight

The Future of Moon Knight

Marvel had exclusively asked Slater to “steer clear” of a few topics. Does that mean we never get to witness Mr. Knight operating within the wider spectrum of the MCU arc? That wouldn’t be surprising since the screenplay of the series differs vastly from the original comics.

Moon Knight God Khonshu in season 2
What’s in store for the Moon God Khonshu?

However, with the show now left on a cliffhanger, and new gods coming into the mix with the release of Thor: Love and Thunder, we may still have some hope yet.


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