Lightyear Gets Early Streaming Release on Disney+ After Average Theatrical Run

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Since Tom Hanks voiced Woody and Tim Allen voiced Buzz Lightyear, Toy Story became one of the hottest properties for Pixar, and now for Disney. With three more installments to the original film and a few spin-offs, Disney saw potential in milking the franchise further.

Captain America’s Chris Evans voices the titular character in the film.

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Pixar’s veteran director gave us Toy Story and its first sequel, both of which are generally regarded as the best in the series of movies. Despite his ability to direct proficiently, first-time director Angus MacLane was chosen to lead the film.


Disney+ and its online problem

Since the pandemic, movies have been going through a rough time, with difficulty in raking in the box office and failing to fill audience seats. This has led to streaming sites getting the upper hand and is still regarded as a defeat for most films as it is easy to find an audience on phones.

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Tom Hanks and Tim Allen were puzzled for not being part of the Toy Story spin-off.

Disney too has faced many problems with releasing its movies on its streaming site, Disney+. Scarlett Johanson sued the company for releasing her movie on Disney+ sooner than agreed. So whenever a movie is released on Disney+, it’s a sign that the company has lost faith in the movie.


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To infinity and… straight to Disney+!

The Lightyear movie has also fallen into the same trap, after premiering in theaters on June 17, 2022. The movie was sent into streaming within the second month of its showing, with no sequel in the works, it seems Disney has decided to shelve future lightyear spin-offs.

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Lightyear is Pixar’s first film to be based on already existing animated media.

With the movie scaling an 84% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, it doesn’t seem to be the case that audience is disappointed with the film. But the problem seems to be the lack of understanding of what the spin-off is supposed to portray, as Toy Story was more subtle about the stories, while Lightyear is direct.

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Lightyear is expected to release on Disney+ on August 3, 2022.


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