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‘Lobo as a Superman movie villain doesn’t work’: DC Fans Implore James Gunn Not Make Jason Momoa’s Lobo the Villain in Young Superman Movie

lobo superman villain

Jason Momoa has cemented his name in the Superhero world by portraying the King of Atlantis in the movie Aquaman. But it appears that the actor is likely to drop the mantle to pursue his long-desired role of Lobo in James Gunn’s new DCU.

Fans seem quite eager to witness the actor playing the galactic bounty hunter in the upcoming DCU. But the speculations of him being the main villain in the new Superman movie have left some fans disheartened, as they don’t want Lobo to be the main antagonist of a young Superman story.

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Jason Momoa as Arthur from Aquaman (2018)

Jason Momoa’s Lobo may be the main antagonist for the new Superman movie

After the entry of James Gunn and Peter Safran into the office, they have been adamant about pulling the bandages from the old DCEU which was on a slow spiral death since Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. But amidst the news of the removal of many DCEU actors from their initial roles including Henry Cavill, Jason Momoa’s future looks promising.

As James Gunn previously teased the arrival of Lobo in the new DCU through his Instagram, many fans theorized that he is setting Lobo as the main antagonist for his upcoming young Superman movie. Jason Momoa acknowledged the idea of Lobo taking on the DC giants in the past, as the character holds the caliber to take on Clark Kent physically. As he stated, Lobo is “the only person who can take on Batman, Superman”.

Although everything about the upcoming DCU is cryptic, DC head James Gunn is set to announce the initial chapter of the 10-year saga soon. But considering Momoa’s recent comments about his dream coming true, surely point towards a Superman and Lobo face-off, as he states, “some really good news, Wish I could tell you”.

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Lobo from DC comics
Galactic bounty hunter Lobo from DC comics

Fans share their distaste about Lobo being the main villain

Many fans are enthralled to witness the entry of Jason Momoa as the galactic bounty hunter Lobo in the new DCU. But some fans aren’t much keen on the idea of Lobo being the main antagonist in a young Superman movie.

Even though the bounty hunter holds the strength to match Superman physically, many fans have shared their distaste for the concept. Some shared that the idea of Lobo playing a full-on villain doesn’t work with the character’s essence, as he is generally considered an anti-hero.

Many fans suggest that the character should play a side villain instead of being the main bad guy. As in most incarnations, some other dominant force hires the bounty hunter to hunt down their targets, so making him the main antagonist of the story may not work.

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Jason Momoa
Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa is most likely to drop the mantle of Aquaman after Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom, to pursue the character of Lobo in DCU. Even though everything about the character’s future has been under wraps, considering Jason Momoa’s excitement, it sure feels like it would be worth the wait.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will hit theatres on 25 December 2023.

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