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Mark Ruffalo Shares his future of Hulk

Marvel fans are in for a treat with Mark Ruffalo, the actor who has played the role of Hulk in the Marvel movies, confirming reports that he has entered preliminary talks to appear in the upcoming Disney+ series She-Hulk. The actor himself stated that nothing regarding his appearance and role in the series is confirmed, Ruffalo expressed his interest in portraying the part of the green monster on the small screen.  

Ruffalo clarifies on his role

Ruffalo clarifies on his role
Mark Ruffalo has clarified on the news regarding his role in the upcoming She-Hulk series

Ruffalo stated in an interview with Variety that nothing was on the table yet regarding his role, which indicated the possibility that he might not appear in the She-Hulk series. Moreover , the talks between the actor and the studios are understood to still be in the initial stages.

A solo Hulk film?

A solo Hulk film?
Ruffalo wants the solo Hulk film to focus on Hulk beyond his role with the Avengers

Previously, Ruffalo had admitted that he would love to headline a solo film based on the Hulk. However, this is quite a distant possibility since Universal has the rights to any solo Hulk films. Undoubtedly, this is the reason why Hulk has appeared in Avengers and Thor movies as a supporting character. The actor explained his idea for the solo film, which was exploring the character’s life beyond his role with the Avengers. He also voiced his desire to team up his character alongside that of Wolverine. What a duo would that be!  

What we know about the She-Hulk series

What we know about the She-Hulk series
The She-Hulk series would premiere on Disney+

The She-Hulk series will release on the newly launched Disney+ platform. in 2022. The plot would focus on Bruce Banner’s cousin Jennifer Walter, a professional lawyer who helps Marvel superheroes. In addition, Alisson Brie, Stephanie Beatriz, and Tessa Thompson are the actors whose names are doing the rounds for playing the role of She-Hulk. 

Source: Slashfilm, DigitalSpy


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