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Marvel Fans Angry as MCU’s Blade Faces Shooting Delay Till October 2022, Most Likely To Get New Release Date

With the return of the Blade announced, the fans of the original films as well as the MCU are waiting in anticipation for more info on the movie to come out. At the moment, we know that the movie is directed by Bassam Tariq and stars Mahershala Ali as Blade.

Mahershala Ali
Fan art of Mahershala Ali as Blade

The original Blade films were known for its sleek action and black trench coats. But suffer from dated CGI for today’s audience, so a reboot with the high-quality special effects that Marvel is accustomed to could give Blade new life.

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Blade and its traces

Originally produced and now owned by Marvel, New Line Cinema’s Blade was known for mainly featuring vampires and showering the audience with blood. It starred Wesley Snipes as the titular character and was known to give a definitive characterization of Blade.

Wesley Snipes
Wesley Snipes as Blade

The new Blade movie was announced at the 2019 San Diego Comic Con, where Mahershala Ali was announced to be the next Blade, but many fans wanted Wesley Snipes to return and play his character. In response, Wesley Snipes responded in a statement to

“To all the DAYWALKERS losing their minds right now, chillaaxx”

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Delays plague Marvel again

Delays have become a commonality for Marvel, with Blade being no exception to it. Even though the shooting of the film hasn’t started, the movie is already delayed. As one would expect from fans of such a large franchise, they are not happy.

Mahershala Ali and Wesley Snipes
Mahershala Ali and Wesley Snipes as Blade

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Many reasons have been speculated for the delay, some of the range from the script not being ready to scheduling conflicts.

Blade in the comics

In an exclusive by Lizzy Hill, she stated that the Blade movie will begin shooting in October, which is already far behind the officially scheduled date of shooting, mentioned on listing as of July 4th.

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Even though some fans are keeping calm, considering how they reacted to delays with the Secret Invasion series, it could get worse if the delays persist.

Written by Nikhil Makwana

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