Marvel Fans Get Nervous Over Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine Workout as Actor Gets Ripped For Deadpool 3 Return

Hugh Jackman's workout routine creates a ruckus among fans regarding his health

marvel fans get nervous over hugh jackman’s wolverine workout as actor gets ripped for deadpool 3 return


  • Hugh Jackman's return as Wolverine in Deadpool 3 is one fans have been dearly waiting for.
  • In his journey of preparation, the actor was seen sharing his workout routine in which he was lifting a massive amount of weights.
  • Fans were extremely worried about his health and how risky the entire thing was seeing that he could easily hurt himself in the process.
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Hugh Jackman has been a part of a number of extremely well-known and respected projects. Being part of musicals and dramas, thrillers, and romance films, all of which have helped him establish himself as a truly talented and skilled actor. While these types of projects have certainly had a big hand in where he is today, the one role that he is most well known for is that of Wolverine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine
Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

Playing this character over the course of many films like Logan, The Wolverine, and the X-Men franchise, Jackman’s performance is one that will be very hard to follow up because of just how adored he is. It is because of this that fans were extremely excited to find out that the actor would be coming back in the role of Wolverine in the upcoming, Deadpool 3.

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Hugh Jackman Gets Ready To Play Wolverine Again

Hugh Jackman’s return to the skin of Wolverine is one that was highly requested and wanted ever since his departure in the 2017 film, Logan. While the movie itself was exceptional, there is a phenomenon that constantly occurs when it comes to saying goodbye to iconic characters. This took place when fans had to say farewell to Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man, as well as when they had to let go of seeing Chris Evans play the role of Captain America. When it comes to Jackman, it was no different, other than the case that he did end up coming back.

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman in Deadpool 3
Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman in Deadpool 3

When news was released that the actor would be returning in Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 3, fans were ecstatic. While it has been quite some time since this news was announced, Jackman recently shared a video on his X account. This video featured him working out, and deadlifting a lot of weight, with the caption talking about him, becoming the Wolverine again.

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Fans Became Concerned

While some fans were excited about being able to see Hugh Jackman’s journey of getting back into shape for his iconic character, somewhere, raising different questions and concerns. Many were worried about the 55-year-old actor’s well-being, concerned if he should be lifting this much weight.

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine
Hugh Jackman as Wolverine


Some told him to take care of himself, and his health and be cautious when working out, while some simply talked about how they were worried about his spine, and the pressure that it would be taking with the weight that he was lifting. One fan even added that they were concerned that he was not wearing any protective gear, mentioning that his not wearing a protective waist belt or wristbands could really cause harm.


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