Marvel Heroes With Multiple Personalities Like Moon Knight

Marvel Heroes With Multiple Personalities Like Moon Knight

Moon Knight has shown us the often less explored subject of mental illness. A superhero who suffers from dissociative identity disorder is unique because Marvel Heroes like Moon Knight are seldom the subjects of shows and movies. But Marvel comics has already tackled this problem. There are tons of Marvel Heroes who have fractured psyches just like Moon Knight.

Moon Knight - Dissociative Identity Disorder
Moon Knight – Dissociative Identity Disorder is his whole identity

It is time they get discovered because they too need a chance to shine just like Marc Spector.


Legion – David Haller

David Haller has suffered through terrible bouts of mental instability all his life. He was just a kid when his mind suffered horrible trauma and ended up being fractured into countless personas, with each persona vying for control. Known as Legion, David is an omega level mutant and the son of Charles Xavier. Each psyche inside David has access to a whole new ability.

David is able to grant himself the power of spontaneous power generation, assigning a new ability to every new psyche that is relinquished control to. Some of his more Godlike powers include time travel, teleportation across cosmic distances, and the ability to have power over life and death.

The Sentry

Sentry Void
The Sentry – Robert Reynolds

Robert Reynolds was injected with an experimental serum that was supposed to give the world the next generation of Captain America. But what it did was give Reynolds the power of a million exploding suns in his veins. As the Sentry, Reynolds is the closest thing Marvel has to Superman. His punches can break open reality and he can travel at speeds that exceeds the speed of light.

But there was one downside to being the Sentry. Reynolds suffers from dissociative identity disorder. He has two psyches living inside his head. One is the benevolent Sentry and the other is the malevolent Void, the psyche that takes over if Reynolds uses his powers for too long.

Scarlet Spider

Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider
Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider

Ben Reilly is most well-known for being the star attraction of the infamous Clone saga. Reilly is a Spider-Man clone who later embarked on his own journey to find his purpose in life. One time in Las Vegas, while grappling with his insecurities, Reilly developed dissociative identity disorder as a coping mechanism.

Benjamin Reilly started to hallucinate about his past alter egos. Past alter egos of Reilly’s – Spider-Carnage to Spider-Clone and even Ben Reilly’s version of Spider-Man, lived rent free inside his head.

The Hulk

The Hulk
The Many Faces of the Hulk

It was not the gamma bomb radiation that screwed up Banner’s mind. Before Bruce became the Hulk, he already had a lot going on in his life. Past childhood trauma on account of an abusive father had led a young Bruce Banner to develop dissociative identity disorder. His mental condition went undiagnosed for years and was later repressed by an adult Banner.

After the gamma bomb radiation turned him into the Jade Giant, Banner’s mental condition only worsened. He developed multiple Hulk personas – Joe Fixit, Savage Hulk, Merged Hulk/The Professor, and Devil Hulk are only the tip of the iceberg.


Aurora Marvel Comics
Aurora Marvel Comics

Jeanne-Marie Beaubier is better known as the mutant superhero Aurora. She was raised in a hyper-religious institution where regular abuse broke her mind. After Jeanne-Marie discovered her mutant ability of flight, she considered it not a factor of the X-Gene but a gift from God because of her strict religious beliefs.

Aurora suffers from having her mind fractured into two psyches. One psyche is a repressed introvert who just wants to be by herself and remain out of harm’s way. The other persona is an unhinged extrovert who likes adventure and the thrill of danger. Both the psyches hate each other and want to kick the other out of Jeanne-Marie’s body.

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