Legion: David Haller’s Strongest Personalities That Put Omega Level Mutants To Shame, Ranked

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David Haller is the most intriguing and interesting mutant to ever grace Marvel Comics. The son of Charles Xavier, Haller has hundreds of abilities buried deep inside his X-Gene, with each ability under the control of one of hisd many personas living inside his fractured psyche.

David Haller
The Most Powerful Omega Level Mutant Ever

Legion is just how he sounds like – a legion of many personas living inside David Haller’s screwed up mind. There’s a reason X-Men fans respect the dude. A man of many faces, David Haller aka Legion is the real deal. Let’s talk about some of his most powerful personas.

Chain Can Create An Endless Army

Chain Legion
Chain – Legion

After the Age of X reality reverted to normal, several of Legion’s personas fled to faraway places to escape being reabsorbed into Legion. One of those personas was Chain, who fled to London.


Chain’s ability was unique. He could touch anyone and turn the target into a copy of himself equipped with Chain’s weapon of choice. This ability gives Chain the power to create an endless army of drones who can take over a city in an instant.

The Origamist’s Teleportation Makes Legion A Cosmic Threat

Origamist Legion
The Origamist

Teleportation is one of the most underrated abilities in the comic book world. The implications of this ability are enormous. Imagine being able to transport yourself to any point in known and unknown space, any time you want.

The Origamist had the ability to fold space, allowing Legion to go anywhere he wants to. he doesn’t even need to have prior knowledge of the location and there’s no limit to the distance he can teleport. That makes Legion a truly cosmic level threat.


Styx Was The Deadliest Of All Of Legion’s Personas

Styx Legion
Styx – Legion

After the Age of X timeline happened, six of David’s personalities were given physical form and became sentient. One of those personas was Styx, who fled to Europe and hatched a plan to become a reality warping God.

Styx had the power to create illusions and telepathy. His most powerful ability was his soul stealing death touch, which allowed him to absorb the souls and minds of other people. The people who became his victim ended up becoming zombie drones under his control. Styx wanted to use it to absorb one of Legion’s personalities that had the power to change the fabric of reality.

Moira Kinross Can Rewrite Reality As She Pleases

Moira Kinross David Haller
Moira Kinross – Legion

Since Legion’s sole guardian when he was a mentally unstable kid was Moira MacTaggert, he fashioned one of his personas on her. Moira Kinross was just as protective of David as Moira MacTaggert was.


Moira is responsible for rewriting the world and creating the Age of X timeline. In this reality, mutants and humans fight in an endless battle where Legion is hailed as a hero of the people. Many of his personas are given human form. Realizing what Moira had done, Legion absorbed her into his mind. He rewrote reality to a more peaceful timeline even though it meant losing his sanity in the process.

Time Sink Allows Legion To Time Travel

Time Sink Age of Apoclaypse
Tiem Sink – Legion Marvel Comics

At its core, time travel is in itself a very dangerous ability. Kang the Conqueror used time travel to conquer entire civilizations, bending them to his will. One of the many personas of Legion was Time Sink, whose time travel abilities made him a true God amongst men.

Time Sink can create time portals to travel to any point in the past and future. He can also slow down or speed up time to escape surprise attacks and see future events. It was Time Sink’s ability that helped Legion create the Age of Apocalypse reality.


David Haller Is A Mutant God

David Haller Legion
David Haller Legion

While most of the times we see some or other fractured persona in control of Legion, sometimes the OG David Haller takes over. And those are the times Legion is at his strongest because he has control over all of his abilities.

After he awoke from his coma post his encounter with the Shadow King, David Haller gained full control of his mind. He then used his powers to go back in time and kill Magneto and Professor X. That was before he fought and defeated all of the X-Men using the full extent of his abilities. His actions led to the Age of Apocalypse reality.


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