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Marvel Star Aaron Taylor-Johnson and DC Star Henry Cavill in Cutthroat Competition for $14.4B Franchise Lead Role

Marvel Star Aaron Taylor-Johnson and DC Star Henry Cavill in Cutthroat Competition for $14.4B Franchise Lead Role

The industry of Hollywood has always been one of competition for the people. Henry Cavill, after starring in many pivotal roles throughout his career is still in demand for some iconic roles but is facing competition now from other actors like Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

For the next James Bond role, there are potentially two choices that people feel are just perfect for the role. After Cavill’s departure from the DCU and Netflix’s The Witcher, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson in the mix, the competition is going to be a bit tough for the James Bond franchise.

Henry Cavill.
Henry Cavill.

It’s Henry Cavill vs Aaron Taylor-Johnson Now

In what appears to be a decision that appeases the public, Henry Cavill and Aaron Taylor-Johnson are in for a competition now. With Daniel Craig hanging up the iconic James Bond suit with No Time To Die, there have been multiple actors suggested for the role but none so close as Henry Cavill.

It now seems that Aaron Taylor-Johnson is also in the mix with reports claiming that he impressed the James Bond producer Barbara Brocolli in a secret audition. The Man of Steel actor has been considered for a long time with a competition to the veteran actor Idris Elba however the latter has dropped out from the mix.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson.
Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

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According to a bookie Alex Apati, there are talks that Cavill might be revealed as the next James Bond.

“The name could soon be Cavill… Henry Cavill, with the Superman star seemingly eyeing up his next big role, punters are growing convinced 007 chiefs could come calling.”

On the other side, however, Aaron Taylor-Johnson also seems to be a preferable choice for the role of James Bond. The Avengers: Age of Ultron actor has found a lot of support from the people. This seems to be a good choice for the producers of the James Bond franchise since they are essentially looking for a young actor.

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Aaron Taylor-Johnson Seems To Be The Perfect Choice

Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Quicksilver in the MCU.
Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Quicksilver in the MCU.

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Before the Kick-Ass actor was in the mix, talks of Idris Elba were abound on the Internet that he would take on the role of James Bond. There were rumors that the actor was heavily considered for the role but the producers of the franchise wanted a younger James Bond.

Elba, being 50 years of age would surely have a tougher time doing the stunts and the heavy work that James Bond has usually been associated with. Aaron Taylor-Johnson, being just 32 years of age, seems to be a perfect choice for the role (sorry Henry Cavill). This also adds to the plus points of the Bullet Train actor since Henry Cavill is nearing 40 years too!

With no confirmed talks about who the mantle of James Bond would go to, the people wait for ecstatically and root for their favorite actors to take on the iconic role.


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