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Marvel Star Chris Evans Beat DC Star Zachary Levi, Bagged $3.08 Billion Franchise: “I didn’t have that energy. Evans had that energy”

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Zachary Levi has been making the news once again after the recently launched Shazam! Fury of the Gods shot the actor into the spotlight. It was still Chris Evans, the veteran Marvel actor who stole the show when Levi admitted his defeat to the Marvel actor when they both auditioned for the role of Captain America in the MCU.

According to the American Underdog actor, he lacked the energy that Evans had for the role of Steve Rogers. The decision turned out to be a good one since it is indeed hard to imagine Zachary Levi as Captain America instead of the Knives Out actor.

Chris Evans as Captain America in the MCU.
Chris Evans as Captain America in the MCU.

When Chris Evans Beat Zachary Levi For The MCU

Chris Evans, the man known as the face of Captain America, for the world had to beat several other actors to take up the mantle. The DC actor Zachary Levi, known as the character of Shazam in the DCU was also one of the people that Evans had to beat for the role of Steve Rogers.

Chris Evans in Avengers: Endgame
Chris Evans in Avengers: Endgame (2019).

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During an interview with the Happy Sad Confused Podcast, the actor revealed that he lacked the certain energy that Evans possessed. Levi revealed that he looked like Steve Rogers’ “pre-serum” era. He admitted that Evans was ultimately the better choice.

“I remember going in for Captain America, and I was thinking, well, you know, I look like Rogers pre-serum! Like, clearly they could help me work out and I could get big, but, wasn’t meant to be – I did not have that energy, Chris Evans had that energy. I know I had a great read, I just wasn’t their guy, you know?”

The actor felt confident that he did have a good read during the screening tests but not as good as the Knives Out actor. Chris Evans is currently busy shooting the upcoming romantic comedy film Ghosted.

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Chris Evans’ Upcoming Movie With Ana de Armas

Chris Evans
Chris Evans.

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The Marvel actor seems to be busy with co-star Ana de Armas as they both prepare for the release of their upcoming movie Ghosted. The movie is loosely based on the 1984 movie Romancing the Stone wherein Ana de Armas will portray a spy looking for a date, who just so happens to be The Gray Man actor.

With the official trailer of Ghosted released people wait ecstatically to see the iconic on-screen couple of Chris Evans and Ana de Armas. The movie is currently slated for a release date of 21st April 2023.

Ghosted will be available to stream exclusively on Apple TV+.

Source: Happy Sad Confused Podcast

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