Marvel Superhero Teams That Will Replace Avengers

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The Avengers are the most popular team-up in MCU. They are half the reason why Marvel Cinematic Universe is so popular. Now that phase four is starting, the fans are wondering what the next big team-up will be. Some of the phase four movies and series are out while others are soon set to come out. But due to the COVID-19 delays and the extended wait for the fans, they were given too much time to build a lot of theories. And they have started to wonder which Marvel Superhero teams would replace the Avengers. Here are a few of them that could.


A-Force could replace Avengers

A-Force can replace Avengers

This is a “decidedly feminist” team of Marvel comics that first showed up in an alternate universe during Secret Wars. Later, it reemerged in Marvel’s primary continuity. The fans would love to see the all ladies team take over MCU. Though in the comics Singularity leads the team, this one can be made up of Valkyrie, Scarlett Witch, and the others. Like it was teased in Avengers: Endgame. The team-up would be like no other and would take MCU to a different level. Though this team-up will not be in phase 4, we could hope to see it in phase 5.

The Champions can be the next big team

The Champions can replace Avengers
The Champions

Post the Civil War II storyline in Marvel comics, the group of teenage superheroes separate from the Avengers. The team is led by Nova, Ms. Marvel, and the Miles Morales Spider-Man. Though, to make this team really happen, a few changes would be needed to be done. But if it does come to life on our scene it has everything it takes to outshine the Avengers. This would also allow younger people to join MCU and the audience could grow with them. This would develop a more emotional connection.


X-Men could take over

X-Men can replace Avengers

After the deal with Fox studios, it is sure that the X-Men will be joining MCU. It is not yet sure what iterations would the MCU go on with. Also, they haven’t said much about whether they’ll start afresh or continue with the history of the superhero team. But whatever the studio does, the mutants can take over the space left empty by the Avengers. The fans are already too excited to see what MCU does with their favorite mutant team and hopefully, we would get to see more of Professor X, especially in the beginning.

Revengers could be the main team

Revengers can replace Avengers

Though Revengers were teasingly mentioned in Thor: Ragnarok, they are a real team in Marvel comics. And if MCU wanted they could easily build the Revengers team. In this version, it could be led by Thor and Valkyrie. Also, Banner or Hulk, along with Korg could be a part of it. More members can be found for the team as phase 4 goes on. The team would be at par with the previous Avengers. also, each member has lost a lot post the Endgame. And the Revengers have enough they want to settle.

Nova Corps can be a great new team

Nova Corps can replace Avengers
Nova Corps

The team, Nova Corps has already been introduced in Guardians of the Galaxy movies. Also, they were shown to have been destroyed by Thanos in the Infinity War. But there are still chances that they can build back and become the next big team after the Avengers. There could be some members surviving that help rebuild the team. This team would bring Nova to the screens, who is already an important character in the comics. And also tie up Captain Marvel, Thor, and other previously existing MCU characters into one team, together.


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