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Marvel Turns Moon Knight Into a Giant Kaiju Monster Powered by the Moon

Moon Knight debuted in 2022 to win the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. Now, after teaming up with Ms. Marvel in the comics, the Egyptian god has found himself a new form, Kaiju. The Kaiju form is in line with the appearance of Khonshu, the Egyptian god of the moon. Teaming up with Ms. Marvel, it is speculated that the duo can appear in the series as well.

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The finale of Moon Knight (2022).
The finale of Moon Knight (2022).

Moon Knight’s Khonshu as a Kaiju!

Kaiju refers to a specific genre of Japanese movies that deal with the emergence of giant creatures like Godzilla. In the recently released comics of Marvel, Kamala Khan is seen teaming up with the Egyptian god to solve a mystery together involving fighting robot mice.

A scene of Khonshu in Moon Knight (2022).
A scene of Khonshu in Moon Knight (2022).

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At one point, the duo meets with Hunter’s moon, who is another one of the Fists of Khonshu who was also the victim of the mechanical rodents’ attacks. Until the trio reaches a judgment, the rodents in a Big Hero 6 move, conglomerate together to form a giant robot.

This forces Hunter’s Moon and Khonshu to merge their powers together to form a giant creature in the shape of Khonshu. This kaiju is inspired by the finale battle of the critically acclaimed and Emmy-nominated series Moon Knight (2022), where a fight on this massive scale takes place.

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The return of Moon Knight

World collide in a Ms. Marvel and Moon Knight crossover.
Worlds collide in a Ms. Marvel and Moon Knight crossover.

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Moon Knight was a series that received much love from the public. Depicted as a bit humorous with a lot of history lecture in a fun way, the series is one to love. Now, with the recent recognition that Iman Vellani’s Ms. Marvel is getting, it may be possible to see the duo pair up in future scenarios in the MCU.

As far as the officials are concerned, Moon Knight is a limited series, and therefore, a second season is likely not a possibility. However, a TikTok video featuring actor Oscar Isaac and director Mohammad Diab in Cairo, Egypt says otherwise. This could be a hint for the return of the Egyptian god for another season but at the moment, there has been no confirmation from Marvel or any cast/crew members.

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