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Marvel Zombies – Five Events From The Comics We Want In The Show

Marvel Zombies Five Events From The Comics We Want In The Show

With Marvel Comic-Con occurring yesterday, more has been announced about the Marvel Zombies Disney+ show and now more is known.

Robert Kirkman (of The Walking Dead fame) was tasked with creating a new universe of comic book heroes with an unfortunate twist – a deadly virus has taken over and wiped out the planet, the heroes along with it. It brought a new perspective to the trials and tribulations of being a hero in the Marvel comics, in that how can you save people from a deadly virus when the very people you relied on to help were at best out of action, at worst trying to eat you? 

Marvel Zombies
Marvel Zombies

Iron Man’s Death

The comic features an entirely different type of heroic sacrifice from Tony Stark compared to his noble end in Endgame. In one of the many alternate universes, we see during the comic run, we find a Tony whom never stopped drinking, and after seeing his friends and family murdered by the zombie virus, he downs the bottle, filled with a nanobot cure for the virus and allows himself to be eaten.

Tony Stark Moments Before Another Sacrifice
Tony Stark Moments Before Another Sacrifice

Spider-Man’s Snack  

Spider-Man succumbs to the virus, and after viscerally working his way through the Sinister Six, he returns home for help from Aunt May and Mary Jane, before giving into the hunger one more time, turning on those he loves the most.

Spider-Man in Marvel Zombies
Spider-Man in Marvel Zombies


At one point in the comic run Silver Surfer turns up to prepare Earth for Galactus, but ends up as a cosmic meal for a few of the main zombified ‘heroes’, giving them powers to travel through space. The unsuspecting Galactus turns up with his usual goal of devouring the Earth, only to be one giant buffet for the zombies. 

Galactus Being a Cosmic Meal
Galactus Being a Cosmic Meal

Zombie Deadpool

A zombie Deadpool. Oh, and he ends up decapitated but his head survives, but can’t regenerate due to technically being dead. He ends up being the carry along buddy of himself in Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth, which in itself is an amusing Deadpool comic. 

Zombie Deadpool
Zombie Deadpool

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Reed’s Depressing Turn

After seeing his children killed by a zombie She-Hulk, Reed goes off the deep end, spiraling into misery and depression. This culminates with him revealing he’s infected the rest of the Fantastic 4, laughing and smiling as they turn and eat him. His story doesn’t end here though. Zombie Reed is the driving force behind the zombies managing to end up in multiple dimensions. 

Reed Getting 'Peace'
Reed Getting ‘Peace’

Special mention to them including the Black Panther being kept alive as a meal – albeit it was for Hank Pym in the comics -, and also the head-in-the-jar nod towards Wasp in the comic, although obviously this time it was a dad-joke making Scott Pym. 

Scott Pym's Wisecracking Head in What If...?
Scott Pym’s Wisecracking Head in What If…?

Now, I’ll be shocked if we get any of these particular moments in the upcoming Marvel Zombies show if for no other reason they’re taking the world from the comics but clearly going in a different direction, but you can bet I’d be incredibly happy if we get just one. Either way, I’ll be watching the show when it comes out! 

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