Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Hinted a Major Villain Who Can Now Appear in MCU – The Comics Have Finally Carved Out a Way

Spider-Man 2 game has hinted that a new and much-awaited villain will soon join the MCU

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Hinted a Major Villain Who Can Now Appear in MCU - The Comics Have Finally Carved Out a Way


  • Spider-Man 2 game has made some interesting revelations and additions to the story of the game
  • Fans theorize that the game has hinted that the iconic Marvel villain Knull could soon join the MCU
  • Not just the game, but the cinematic universe too has cleverly hinted that they could be adding the villain to the roster soon
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The world of Marvel comics is full of scary villains, some of which have unbelievable powers. With the Marvel Cinematic Universe finally tying Sony’s Spider-Man and Venom, fans are eagerly waiting for an appearance by Knull.

King in Black, Knull
King in Black, Knull

The King in Black could be making his way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe sooner rather than later following a tease in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and the release of Venomverse #5.

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Knull Can Finally Appear In MCU

Previously, most believed Knull was created before the entire multiverse. In fact, King in Black talked about himself in such a manner as well. However, Venomverse #5 unveiled that Knull is just another cosmic being.

As per a panel in the above-mentioned comic book, Knull engaged in a battle with Carnage on Earth-1051. During their battle, Knull boasted about being the King in Black, but Carnage remained unmoved by the claim.

Knull vs. Carnage
Knull vs. Carnage

He later mentioned that Knull doesn’t hold that title in his world. Carnage was referring to Eddie Brock, who assumed the role of King in Black in this universe.


Now, getting to the good part. Despite Knull’s unbelievable powers, including killing a celestial being, he’s still a cosmic being. With the era of the multiverse taking over the MCU, it means the God of Symbiotes can make an appearance.

Moreover, Knull’s favorite weapon, the Necrosword, was already unveiled in Thor: Love and Thunder. All things considered, the next Venom film could feature the God of Symbiotes.

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Was Knull Referenced in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?

Insomniac Games didn’t disappoint after delivering a sensational sequel to their original Spider-Man game. The main plot of the video game revolved around Harry Osborn as Venom, while Peter Parker was also engulfed by the symbiote, it was only for a brief period of time.

Well, during the time Peter was wearing a black suit, he headed to Dr. Connors’ lab. In the lab, Connors’ study on a spiral symbol was shown. The same symbol later appeared on the foreheads of small symbiotes that took over New York City.

Peter Parker in Black Symbiote suit in Spider-Man 2
Peter Parker in Black Symbiote suit in Spider-Man 2

Considering the spiral is a signature symbol of Knull, it won’t be a surprise if he is one of the villains in Spider-Man 3.


After all, Kraven did kill most of Spider-Man’s original villains in the game. As a result, it has somewhat shortened the list of possible villains that can appear in the next part of the game.

But knowing Insomniac Games, they won’t disappoint the fans and figure out a way to make it an interesting sequel to Spider-Man 2.

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