Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Debuts Exciting New Trailer at SDCC 2023 with Massive Surprises

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Insomniac has released a new trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 with a heavy focus on the game’s story during its highly anticipated Hall H presentation at SDCC. Those who wish to stay up to speed continue on, but for those who wish to go into the game completely blind, consider this your final warning! In the story trailer, we immediately open with a scene of Peter and his old pal Harry Osborn having a chat in the bleachers of a high school football field. Many have assumed that this is their own alma mater, Midtown High.

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Harry mentions that “a lot has happened in the last ten years,” which is about how long Peter has been Spider-Man, as this game is confirmed to be set two years after the PS4’s Marvel’s Spider-Man. Worth remembering for later, Harry says that he and Peter will “heal the world.” Throughout the trailer, we see interspersed clips of Harry, one of which involves his father. It seems he will play a major role throughout the story, which should come as no surprise given that both previous entries in the series featured post-credits scenes which showed him in a vat with a strange substance suspiciously similar to the sinister symbiote stuck on Spider-Man in this sequel.


The trailer continues on with shots of New York, Brooklyn, Queens and Coney Island, all confirmed playable spaces, along with shots of Peter and Miles swinging. Excitingly, we see the return of Martin Li, Mister Negative from the first game. We get a tease at a real confrontation between Miles and Li, something Miles is sure to struggle with given Li murdered his father and set him on the course that eventually led him to becoming Spider-Man.

Could Marvel's Spider-Man 2 see Mary Jane stealth sections return but with Spider-Man as the enemy?
Could Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 see Mary Jane stealth sections return but with Spider-Man as the enemy?

Several more exciting shots flow throughout the trailer including one of a symbiote-clad Peter menacingly dropping into a hallway as freshly redesigned Mary Jane hides near a doorway, potentially setting up an interesting horror-esque sequence wherein Spider-Man plays the role of the monster hunting its prey. Voiceover in tandem with this has Miles ask “What the hell’s going on with Pete?” and Mary Jane saying “he’s not himself… go help him.”

The trailer builds in intensity before the other shoe finally drops, with a scene of an angry Harry tossing something through a high-rise window. The screen goes dark and we see Harry at night looking over the city, with voiceover of Venom villainously saying “We’re going to heal the world.” Finally, we get our first real look at Venom in-game as he destroys a helicopter and crashes it into a screen in Times Square, lands, and lets out a furious, terrifying roar.


Who is Venom In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?

Most hints suggest Harry will be Venom in Marvel's Spider-Man 2. But are these red herrings?
Most hints suggest Harry will be Venom in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. But are these red herrings?

This trailer featured copious amounts of incredibly interesting story teases, but the biggest of which is Harry’s deep presence. All signs from the previous entries and this trailer point to Venom in this game being Harry himself, although it is still possible this is all a red herring. Afterall, the symbiote could have inherited its “world healing” goal from Harry before being passed onto the true Venom host. Some fans have continued to speculate as to the possibility of a playable Venom, with many latching onto the shot of Harry looking out at the city as well as the several Harry-centric scenes shown throughout the trailer that bear no trace of any of our other leads.

With Harry serving a major role in the story this time around, Peter and Mary Jane’s lives alike will have a lot of new challenges tossed in the mix. The first Spider-Man game set up Harry as having a deeply troubling genetic illness which had killed his mother. The Devil’s Breath epidemic which nearly destroyed New York City as well as the experiments that gave Martin Li his powers, and seemingly the symbiote itself all derive from Norman Osborn’s attempts to find a cure that can save his son’s life.

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Harry had lied to his best friends and told them he was going to New York, which they discovered while searching for a way to solve the Devil’s Breath crisis. This deception could serve as a catalyst for much of the drama surrounding his character in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. It could be that he feels immense guilt for all of the bad things that have happened because of the many attempts to keep him and his mother alive.

Could this set Harry down a slippery slope, eventually turning him into the symbiote’s most savage form, Venom? It could also be that Harry wanting to “heal the world” is itself because of the symbiote’s influence, given it seems as though the symbiote was man-made, rather than alien, and meant to exist for the sake of healing a sick host. All of this remains to be seen.

The story in Marvel's Spider-Man 2 seems like it will be largely driven by the relationship between Peter and Harry.
The story in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 seems like it will be largely driven by the relationship between Peter and Harry.

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The game’s plot is confirmed to be set in motion largely as a result of actions taken by Kraven the Hunter, so our two Spider-Man friends will have a lot on their plates to handle when Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 launches this October 20, just three days after Alan Wake II and the same day as Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

Are you excited to find out who Venom is? What did you think of this new trailer? Does the story look promising to you, or are you on the fence still? Let us know in the comments and on our social media feeds!

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