Matrix: Ranking All Crew Members Of The Nebuchadnezzar By How Likable They Are.

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The Nebuchadnezzar, Morpheus’s beloved ship, was destroyed in The Matrix Reloaded. The ship was critical and unique, and so was its crew. The ship and all the crew members are crucial to the storyline. Though some of the crew members are lost earlier in the story, each has their part to play in the eventual outcome. The likeability quotient is not proportionate to screen time. Let us see how the crew fares based on their likeability.


1. Mouse: He is the youngest member of the Nebuchadnezzar and the most exuberant of the lot. He has an incredible zest for life and rambles on incessantly about what he likes. Unfortunately, Mouse died early, but on his terms. But his death was unfortunate and tragic.

The Matrix: Mouse

2. Neo: He is the centre stone of a very elaborate storyline because he is the Prime Program. Neo is a gentle, loving, and sacrificing person. He rejects the Architect’s path but later backtracks. Finally, he goes into the Machine City to destroy Trinity, knowing fully well that he and his beloved will not make it out alive.

The Matrix . Nebuchadnezzar

3. Tank: He is in charge of the ship’s computer administration and programming. His delightfully bubbly personality and bright grin dispel the gloominess right out of The Nebuchadnezzar. But he is very responsible and committed to his duties. Sadly Tank died (offscreen) between The Matrix and The Matrix Reloaded.


4. Link: He enters the Nebuchadnezzar as Tank’s substitute. He is very passionate and reliable, especially in difficult situations. He is a role model for Tank’s children, his niece, and his nephew. Tank’s dry wit, humour, and comical observations bring a laugh into many tense situations.

Link From The Matrix: Reloaded

5. Trinity: The Oracle had predicted that she would fall in love with the One. So this limits her being seen as a serious character. Trinity is a strong-willed, soft-spoken person and a fiery force of nature. She can look after herself and Neo, who is virtually the superhero in the story. She has faith in Neo and supports him because she wants freedom for humanity.

The Matrix , Nebuchadnezzar

6. Morpheus: Morpheus is a fierce and sullen person, tired of his unsuccessful search for The One. He retains his gruff demeanor even after finding Neo because he is very cautious. His smile may be rare, but he is very caring. The safety and well-being of his crew are paramount to Morpheus, even more than his own life or suffering.

Morpheus, the Matrix

7. Dozer: He spends very little time on The Nebuchadnezzar. He is a warm, courageous and paternal figure for the crew. Dozer is also appreciated because he brews potent alcohol for the team.

 Dozer, Nebuchadnezzar

8. Apoc and Switch: Unfortunately, both these characters die very early in the story. So, they do not make any emotional connection or impact on the audience or the storyline. Apoc and Switch have a panache for playful banter at the dinner table, but they were sidelined for the most part.

The Matrix , Apoc and Switch
Apoc and Switch

9. Cypher: He betrays and backstabs the characters in the Matrix universe, allowing them to evolve and grow. He crosses the crew, who trust him with their lives. He is the most cunning, vile, and dowdy character on the Nebuchadnezzar.

The Matrix: Cypher , Nebuchadnezzar


Do you agree with our list, if not, how would you rank them? All in all, Matrix is a great franchise, isn’t it?




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