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MCU Theory: Doctor Doom Kills Kang in Avengers: Kang Dynasty and Initiates Multiverse Wiping Secret Wars Saga

One of the best aspects of having such amazing superpowered villains as Doctor Doom and Kang the Conqueror is the endless possibilities one can get to explore in relation to the plot building. Marvel’s mainstream cinematic universe has already started building its Multiverse Saga brick by brick with those two holding most sway over the antagonistic arc; and although we have already received the broad brushstrokes of what the next 3 years hold in terms of the narrative, we are yet to be privy to the inside scoop as to how the finale of Avengers: The Kang Dynasty will ultimately initiate the wipe out events of Secret Wars.

Doctor Doom
Doctor Doom

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Does Doctor Doom Set Off the Events of Secret Wars?

Doctor Victor von Doom, known commonly as Doctor Doom, is one of those villains whose methods though purely diabolical serve as a means to saving the world from an even greater threat, and no matter how much one may hate his intentions, his ideals and end goal do make sense. The villain is most commonly associated with the Fantastic Four superhero group and given that Kevin Feige has declared the arrival of the quirky team into the mainstream arc, one need only wait to see where Marvel has ultimately decided to lead its audience in terms of Doctor Doom’s endgame.

Secret Wars
Secret Wars

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But since the events of Phase Six are yet to come, theories are our next refuge. And one such theory which has been garnering a lot of attention is the multiversal megalomania of Doctor Doom and evil Kang. Ant-Man 3 has already set the ground for the introduction of Kang the Conqueror into the mainstream universe and if he does manage to defeat the Avengers in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, then in the multiverse imbued with time travel, it is quite possible that Doctor Doom might gain an upper hand over a vulnerable Kang in the aftermath of the battle and thus step into the events of Secret Wars as the ultimate big bad.

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What Comes Next For Doctor Doom After Secret Wars?

The Secret Wars saga is a loop in time where Avengers from all points in time have the possibility of making an entrance. In the comics, we see the younger versions of the superheroes, picked out from the timeline in the past, fighting their current versions. We find heroes and villains who are dead in the current timeline being picked off one by one moments before their death and being brought back to fight the war against their contemporaries. It truly serves as a multiverse of madness.

God Emperor Doom is considered the highest authority on time travel and is aware of future events
God Emperor Doom is considered the highest authority on time travel and is aware of future events

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However, Doctor Doom is the one entity who, aside from Kang the Conqueror, grows consistently powerful. Kang has fought against the Avengers in multiple timelines and depending on different versions of the multiple realities, he has either decimated them or been decimated. If Doctor Doom can truly manage to trump Kang before Secret Wars begins, it is very high on the list of possibilities that Scott, Hope, or Cassie may find a way back through the quantum realm in time to warn the Avengers of the coming threat. Unlike with Thanos, at least this time, they’ll be arsenally equipped and physically prepared.

It might also be a good opportunity to witness the wizard ultimately become God Emperor Doom, his most powerful version in Secret Wars, and put to use his vindictive arc to come back stronger and become a more menacing threat to the Fantastic Four or the Avengers in the aftermath of Phase Six events.

Source: 3C Films: Marvel Phase 5 & 6 Theories

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