“Mermaids aren’t real, they can be black”: Marvel Star Samuel L. Jackson Has the Best Solution For Heated Debate Over $499 Million Disney Movie

"Mermaids aren't real, they can be black": Marvel Star Samuel L. Jackson Has the Best Solution For Heated Debate Over $499 Million Disney Movie
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The Fantasy musical movie The Little Mermaid was released on 23 May 2023. Halle Bailey played the character of Ariel, Jonah Hauer-King was seen as Prince Eric, and Melissa McCarthy portrayed the character of Ursula. The movie earned $499.3 million and was called a smashing hit at the box office.

Halle Bailey at an event
Halle Bailey at an event

Rob Marshall’s movie got a great response from the audience and critics, but the movie also received a lot of backlash as well. In an Interview, Samuel L. Jackson talked about the representation of characters in the films, as well as about the controversy related to the movie The Little Mermaid.

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Samuel L. Jackson talked about the criticism linked to Superhero projects 

Samuel L. Jackson in Secret Invasion
Samuel L. Jackson is still going strong

Samuel L. Jackson has been one of the biggest parts of the MCU. The Coach Carter actor plays the role of Nick Fury in the media franchiseDuring an interview, Jackson talked about the recent criticism linked to Superhero movies. There are fans all around the world who love Superhero movies and for that reason, somewhere representation is also important. The Captain Marvel actor gave his opinion on why he is averse to people criticizing Superhero movies just because of the cast. Jackson said in the interview,

“We hope so. And as we watch how all these things play out and what the world of superheroes is when people continue to say, ‘Well, we hate these superhero movies. I’m sick of this… Make some movies that make sense.’ Well, some people like superhero movies. A whole bunch of people, you know? I’m one of them. I’m really proud that I’ve been part of it.”

Jackson’s character Nick Fury in the MCU is one of the significant characters. The actor’s performance in the first episode of Secret Invasion is being applauded by fans. 

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Samuel L. Jackson explains why anyone can play the character of a mermaid in a movie

Samuel L Jackson at an event
Samuel L Jackson at an event

The 74-year-old actor also talked about the latest debate about The Little Mermaid. Some individuals were disappointed by Halle Bailey’s casting as the lead in the big-budget Disney film. Some netizens even criticized the makers for casting a Black actress in the film. In the original animated movie, Ariel’s character was depicted as Caucasian, hence some people are opposed to seeing a Black woman perform the role. While talking about diverse characters in the Superhero movie, the Unbreakable actor said,

You hear people fussing about, ‘Oh, Black Little Mermaid.’ Mermaids aren’t real. They can be black, they can be green, they can get orange. They’re not real things. But representing it and giving people a fantasy life or something that takes them away from the reality of the crap that we have to deal with day in, day out of, you know, mass shootings, robberies, homelessness, all these other things, we still need an outlet.”

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This statement by Jackson unlocked the floodgates for the haters once more. Some individuals attacked the actor online through comments, while others agreed with him and stated that what he is attempting to explain made sense. 


The Little Mermaid is now streaming on Disney +

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