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MGM Rumoured To Be Looking For a Person of Color as New James Bond, Henry Cavill and Tom Holland Seemingly Out of the Race

James Bond, like many franchise phenomena, has been in existence for a long time and not without its fair share of controversies. It began with blatant and egregious sexism, and it took until the beginning of the 21st century, and for Daniel Craig to enter the franchise to even consider changing the established pattern of the misogynistic and highly sexualized visual intro of the film, let alone its entire narrative.

Daniel Craig as James Bond
Daniel Craig’s contribution to the evolution of James Bond is critically praised as one of the best

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Yet the franchise flourished with the passing decades, and now, the producers have confirmed conforming to the changing world by finally hiring the first Bond lead actor of color (notwithstanding No Time To Die‘s Lashana Lynch as the transitory proprietor of the code name 007).

The Literary Movement of the Cold War Era Super Spy

The literary work which originally rose to prominence in the era of the Cold War was designed by its author, Ian Fleming, to introduce Britain into the fray that consisted of only two superpowers, the US and the USSR. The concept immediately took off, with the population only recently leaving the high of the great war’s aftermath and adjusting to a new world order that by a large margin was being oriented to simply settle down and trust their governments to keep the global peace in order.

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Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill is now officially out of the Bond race

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As such, when Fleming’s novels structured a narrative around a stereotypical (thus, believable) villain and the hero then overcomes insurmountable odds for his Queen and country, all the while maintaining the regal appearance of a proper British gentleman, the canon became popular and loved despite being heavily laden with misogyny and cultural appropriation.

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James Bond Producers Confirm Hiring Actor of Color

In a recent development, Barabara Broccoli, producer of the James Bond franchise, has confirmed that the canon will now be establishing an actor of color as their lead. Whether that will be in the capacity of James Bond himself or as a reboot of the entire franchise witnessing the relegation of the titular 007 through generations remains to be seen.

Regé-Jean Page has now seemingly taken the lead in 007 casting
Regé-Jean Page has now seemingly taken the lead in 007 casting

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However, as of now, this clears up at least a handful of the current running candidates from the betting pool, including fan favorites Henry Cavill, Tom Hardy, and Tom Holland. As the producers widen their search for a new face and a younger actor, the chances of the 34-year-old British actor, Regé-Jean Page are looking good. Although if one is to stick by all the criteria being delved out by the franchise, the lead for Bond 26 might even be required to be younger than 30 so as to carry the franchise into its next era of evolution lasting at least a decade or so.


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