New Story Trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has Everyone Saying the Same Thing about Miles Morales

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Miles Morales has come in for criticism following the release of the latest Spiderman 2 trailer. Which we we feel is certainly unwarranted. There have been several people on Twitter who have been voicing similar opinions that they don’t like the new look for him.


The upcoming title is set roughly 9/10 months after the events of the Spider Man: Miles Morales and fans have seem to be taking issue with his new hair. Of all things, his hair?! Surely given the passage of time since the last title dropped, the poor kid can choose a different hairstyle? If he wants to grow his hair and sport a new look he should be allowed to right?

Not according to some fans! Apparently the physics of how long it takes for hair to grow are now being banded about. Wow.


What’s been said about Miles Morales?

Miles Morales
Some fans took to Twitter to voice how disappointed they are with the new look

The purist comic book/gaming fans have been vocally critical of the updated look. Some have been quite light on the dislike, with one user tweeting;

“I liked Miles Morales with a clean cut more TBH”

Others however have been slightly harsher;

“10 years passed since the last spiderman game they could’ve given miles morales a 5 o clock shadow maybe a mustache… why that dumbass hair???”.

Not only have fans been complaining about the look of the character, one user tweeted the following, (which has since been deleted);


“The ONLY concern I have with the new Spidey is the Miles Morales angle. I’m sorry, Miles Morales just isn’t Spider-Man. Peter Parker is Spider-Man. So as long as, narratively, the Miles Morales segments are few & far between, I’ll be happy. I want to play as SPIDER-MAN.”

This certainly hit a nerve with other fans and following the removal of said tweet, there was a follow up Tweet;

“Tweet one thing about Miles Morales and you get FOUR hate mail, one death threat, and a host of screaming comments. Had to delete. Learned my lesson. Some people are absolutely unwell.”

When you make such a controversial statement you have to expect a barrage of hate to follow. God forbid, there is a BLACK Spider-Man.

But thankfully, it’s not all hate for the Brooklyn Spider-Man. Several fans of Twitter have said how much they like the fresh new look with one tweeting;


“I like the new Miles Morales hair. So sick!!”

And other user had the following to say;

“Really, really loving Miles Morales’ hair in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2!!”

Miles Morales
Some fans believe that the original look from Spider-Man: Miles Morales would have been better

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If you’ve not seen the new trailer for Spiderman 2 then check it out below;

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 - Story Trailer | PS5 Games

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It looks like fans are spilt down the middle in terms of the look of Miles Morales. But if all fans have to complain about is the look of a character’s hair in the upcoming game, then surely it means that they’re happy with the overall look of the rest of the game? It seems trivial at best.


What’s your thoughts on the look of Miles Morales following the new trailer? Are you happy with the new look or you disappointed with the changes made? Get in touch, drop us a comment and let us know your thoughts.

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