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Miles Morales Fan-Casting: Actors Best Suited For A Future MCU Role

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Miles Morales is the newest Spider-Man in Marvel Comics. The Afro-Latino superhero made huge waves in the comics as well as Sony’s Into The Spider-Verse movie. If Miles Morales joins the MCU, these are the actors who would nail the role perfectly if given a chance.

Caleb McLaughlin

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Already a prominent star and a well-known face in the industry, you might know him from the hit Netflix Original series Strangers Things. Caleb McLaughlin has been the subject of intense fan-debates. He has been unanimously voted to be the best candidate for a live-action Miles Morales role. Should Disney and Marvel Studios decide to listen to the fans, roping in Caleb could make splashes large enough for Miles Morales to surge in popularity. Caleb’s role of Lucas has been appreciated. Lucas is light-hearted and fun. The sense of humor would be a nice touch for an MCU Miles Morales. He is 19 as well, which makes him a fit for the character, chronologically speaking.

Miles Brown

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He already shares his first name with the character!! The Studio might opt for an even younger actor to essay the role of Miles Morales. He is under 18 and a rising star in the small screen industry. Brown had a stint in America’s Got Talent, showing off his dance moves. He was eliminated in the semi-finals. Brown may not have as much experience in the acting field but he would certainly be a very good choice. He also has enough star power to boot, having made appearances in popular talk show – The Ellen Show.

Rhenzy Feliz

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If a truly teenage actor is out of the question and the MCU wants a mature veteran of the industry, then Rhenzy Feliz is a good choice. The guy is already a household phenomenon. He has even played a Marvel character before. In Hulu’s The Runaways, Feliz played Alex Wilder. To top it all off, Rhenzy Feliz is afro-latino. So casting him would help satiate a huge part of the afro-latino community and the larger comic book fan base.

Jharrel Jerome

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Miles Morales has a unique origin story. He is half African-American and Half-Latinx. Many fans would want that aspect of the character to be respected. Rhenzy Feliz is not the only actor that meets that criterion. There’s also Jharrel Jerome. he wowed the viewers with his performances in Moonlight and Mr. Mercedes. The only impediment we have is age. Jerome is a year older to Tom Holland. Factually, Miles Morales should be played by an actor younger than MCU’s Peter Parker. But this is Hollywood. Nothing that a little bit of heavy duty cardio and a fair bit of make-up won’t solve.

Tyrel Jackson Williams

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The actor is already a part of the Disney Family. He appeared in Disney XD’s Lab Rats as Leo Dooley. His other projects include Disney XD Original movie Pants On Fire and the comedy series Brockmire. Tyrel Jackson is 23 so he is just about the age an up and coming Miles Morales should be. Williams has also appeared in popular rom-com movie Failure to Launch, which also starred Matthew McConaughey

Lonnie Chavis

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Chavis is the youngest entry into the list. Miles Morales has been a teenager in his short run in the comic books till now. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is here to stay. And if they intend to use superheroes they can use as their poster-children for more than a decade, they need actors that are in for the long hail. Lonnie Chavis just turned 13. He is one of the star attractions of the hit drama This Is Us. He plays Randall in the series. Lonnie Chavis has also joined the Disney family. He was a part of the Disney+ Original Movie – Magic Camp.

Alfred Enoch

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Okay before you start ranting he is too old, hear us out. Of all the actors on this list, we believe Alfred Enoch is the most talented. He played the role of dean Thomas in the Harry Potter movies. He also had a stint in the ABC Legal Drama How To Get Away With Murder. Although he is 31 years old, Enoch still possesses that boyish charm. Should the MCU decide to give Miles Morales his own solo sub-franchise within the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe, Enoch’s acting chops would be a huge asset. He is also Afro-Latino. So that’s an added bonus.

Jaden Smith

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He is the first actor that comes to mind when we think about a Miles Morales Fan-Casting. Jaden Smith, son of veteran actor Will Smith, has had a long and colorful journey in the industry. He is a star-kid and lived most of his life being chased around by the paparazzo. Marvel might go for an actor with enough face value since Miles Morales is sadly still an unknown name for many casual movie goers. He definitely will not be our first choice for the role but he fits the bill just about right.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

With a Bachelor's in Engineering and a Master's in Marketing and Operations, Bibhu found a love for writing, working for many different websites. He joined FandomWire in July 2020 and worked his way to his current position of Content Strategist. Bibhu has been involved in operating and managing FandomWire's team of writers, diversifying into varied, exotic fields of pop culture.