Miles Morales Is Marvel’s New Captain America


The mantle of Captain America is no longer the realm of the elite. The idea of America encompasses the entire Free World. And the Free World has many people from all walks of life to choose from. Captain America is not a position. It’s rather a symbol, a beacon of hope and righteousness against all evil. After Steve Rogers, many other Marvel heroes have taken up the mantle of Captain America. Sam Wilson aka Falcon became the next Captain America of the MCU. And Marvel has taken things up a notch. Miles Morales is now Marvel’s newest Captain America.

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Miles Morales: Spider-Man #28 sees the mixed race character gain an epic upgrade. His new costume now sports the classic red, white, and blue. The uniform is reminiscent of both the United States Flag as well as tinges of Miles’ Puerto Rican heritage. This may just be a cover appearance but we have to admit, Miles looks damn cool in that costume.

Miles Morales Faces A New Enemy – The Assessor



Miles Morales has had an unfortunate series of events. The string of tragedies that befell the superhero would have broken any normal person. A new villain known as the Assessor kidnapped Miles. Interested in his powers, the assessor experimented on him. The horrible experiments left Miles traumatized. When he escaped the assessor’s clutches, Miles took a break from being Spider-Man. But his problems were not over.

Spider Man Miles Morales Clone


The Assessor had extracted Miles’ DNA and used it to create clones. Miles Morales was now suffering though his own version of the Clone Saga. If that was not enough, one of the clones ended up kidnapping his little sister Billie. Things are really not looking up for Miles, all thanks to the Assessor.

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The new Clone Saga arc will end with Miles Morales: Spider-Man #28. The variant cover released by Iban Coello reveals Miles Morales in a new costume. He sports the classic colors of the American Flag but with a Puerto Rican twist. Spider-Man is also holding Captain America’s shield in his hands as he swings high above the air. The colors of the variant cover are vibrant and unique. The uniform suits the hero.

Is It Really Miles Morales Or His Clone?

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We have just one question though. Is that really Miles Morales or one of the evil clones the Assessor has released into the world? Selim, the most dangerous clone, could be the one behind the mask. The clone might be trying to carve out his own niche within the Marvel Comic Book Universe. Just like Ben Reilly once did in the original Clone Saga.

The synopsis for Miles Morales: Spider-Man #28 reads:


THE CLONE SAGA REACHES ITS CATACLYSMIC CONCLUSION!•  Selim was cloned and raised to be the perfect super-soldier for hire. Miles has trouble just getting to class on time.•  Selim’s scruples are also vastly different than Miles’… so Miles’ family is in horrific danger.•  YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THE MOST HEART-WRENCHING COMIC OF THE YEAR!

No matter who is behind the mask, the new variant cover looks stellar and absolutely lovely. So let’s not taint this work of stunning art with negativity and hatred.




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