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Mindflayer vs Godzilla: Can The Stranger Things Villain Become The New Alpha

Netflix has recently released the trailer for the next season of Stranger Things. This has brought its super-villain, Mindflayer back into focus. This terrible monstrosity has been haunting our nightmares for a long time, but how does he stack up to other super villains?


More specifically, how does he match up to Godzilla, this King of Monsters. Does the Shadow Monster have it in him to humble the King? Who would win in a hypothetical fight between the two? Who is the alpha villain? We have the answer! But first, let us take a closer look at the two villains.

Godzilla – King of the Monsters

Godzilla vs mindflayer, who is the alpha villain

Godzilla, known as The King of Monsters, is of breathtaking proportions! Standing over 100 meters tall and weighing nearly 100,000 tons, he has an epic size. Moreover, he is incredibly durable. Forget conventional weapons, he has the capability to withstand nuclear weapons! With regard to attacks, one of his lethal modes of offense is the “atomic breath”, having the capacity to devastate his enemies.

If all of this was not enough, he has combat skills and near human-like intelligence, making him a very dangerous opponent to deal with. Some of his known abilities include Sharp claws, energy absorption and projection, speed and agility, accelerated healing factor, and extreme temperature resistance. Phew! With all these capabilities and powers, he sure is a formidable opponent to Mindflayer.

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Mindflayer – Shadow Monster

Godzilla vs mindflayer, who is the alpha villain
A representation of the Mindflayer

Mindflayer, on the other hand, is the chief antagonist of the Stranger Things universe. It famously has mind-controlling abilities. It looks absolutely nightmarish! It’s physical incarnate was several stories tall. However, it lost to normal people (while in its physical incarnation). This doesn’t bode well for its capabilities. This brings us to our ultimate question.

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Mindflayer vs Godzilla: Who Wins?

Godzilla vs mindflayer, who is the alpha villain
The Winner, Godzilla!

While we can’t be exactly sure of what would go down in a hypothetical fight between the two, we can make a good guess. Based on the information about the two creatures, we can say that Godzilla stands a much better chance to win than the Mindflayer does. While Godzilla is incredibly powerful, Mindflayer was defeated by a bunch of normal people. Godzilla appears to have much better offensive and defensive abilities than the Mindflayer. All this points to a Godzilla victory! The King of Monsters is the King, after all!

What do you think about the two villains? Who do you think would win in a fight between the two? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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