“Modern day Renaissance man”: One Punch Man Illustrator Surprises Fans with Breathtaking Animation After Already Killing it with the Manga’s Art

Saitama's 47-second video by Yusuke Murata has taken over the social media

One Punch Man Illustrator Surprises Fans with Breathtaking Animation After Already Killing it with the Manga’s Art


  • One Punch Man illustrator, Yusuke Murata, recently made a 47-sec video of Saitama running through the city and and capturing the subtle details on his way.
  • After the video went viral, the fans started to shower the mangaka with praise and some even claimed that Yusuke Murata's animation is on par with a real filmmaker.
  • Yusuke Murata beautifully captured the essence of Saitama's crazy side as well as his helpful side and the video was a breath of fresh air for the fans that are waiting for One Punch Man season 3.
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Yusuke Murata’s One Punch Man has already become a global sensation. With just two seasons, it has already surpassed many other anime in viewership, and when talking about manga, it is one of the most popular manga, according to Manga Plus. The story of One Punch Man is about a man named Saitama. He is so powerful that he gets bored that there are no villains that can pose a challenge to him.

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As the name suggests, he defeats every one of his foes with a single punch. One Punch Man’s illustrator, Yusuke Murata, has done a great job with the story, and the fans love him dearly. Recently, he surprised his fans with a short video. Within a short amount of time, it garnered more than a few million views.


Yusuke Murata’s One Punch Man Animation Has Taken Over Social Media

one punch man
One Punch Man

Yusuke Murata is a great illustrator. The 45-year-old mangaka recently posted a video on social media, which has taken the anime fandom by storm. The video is related to One Punch Man, as he runs through the city, capturing all the beautiful moments from everyday life, and adds comic relief through Saitama’s actions. Saitama’s speed is the focus and the joy in the video.



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Yusuke Murata himself did the animation, and people could hardly contain their excitement. They were full of praise for the multi-talented man. The color palette, the sequences, the background, the characters, etc. everything was top-notch. His animation was on par with big animation studios. One of the interesting things about his animation was that there was a certain moment that was beautiful.

One Punch Man (TV series 2015-2019)
Saitama and Genos

While jumping over the buildings, he was so fast that the background failed to load, and there was no ground to be seen, with only a few buildings. These subtle comic reliefs make Yusute Murata a great illustrator. After the video went viral, the fans flooded the social media with praise for the animation.

Fans React to Yusuke Murata’s Animation

yusuke murata's manga art
Yusuke Murata’s manga art

One Punch Man’s 47-second animation by Yusuke Murata is a breathtaking piece of work. The fans have showered the video with love on social media. One of the fans said, “Bro is a modern day renaissance man, he has so many talents.”



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The next one commented that Yusuke Murata’s work is truly top-notch and it is no different from a real filmmaker. Many comments came pouring down after this.



Another fan said that Yusuke Murata is not happy being just a mangaka or illustrator, and now he wants to become the best animator.



@LoMingEthan1 commented, “I swear to god Yusuke Murata’s art is beyond amazing. Just look at the amount of detail you can’t convince me he’s just your average manga artist.”



One of the most popular comments said that he is not only the best illustrator in the industry, but also can animate with such precision. It is unbelievable from its very core.



One Punch Man season 3 was announced in August 2022, but due to some unforeseen events, it was delayed. The fans are predicting that it will premiere somewhere in early 2024. Until the official announcement is made, nothing can be made certain. While the fans are becoming impatient with such a long wait, Yusuke Murata’s breathtaking animator will certainly be a magic pill for them.

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