Money Heist: 5 Things Only True Fans Know

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The second part of the final installment of the hit Spanish series Money Heist, or La Casa De Papel, arrives next week. Fans cannot wait to find out what is in store for the remaining members of the gang. Are they going to be freed? Which character will die next? Will there be redemption? These are the questions that will be answered once Part 5 Volume 2 drops on December 3.


Meanwhile, let us get to know more about the characters and cast of the show. Below is a list of information that only true and die-hard fans know!

The Professor’s Look

The Professor money heist


Actor Alvaro Morte mentioned in interviews that he worked so hard to bring The Professor’s character to life. His genius mind and creative thinking are the heart and soul of the entire show. Morte tells in an interview that he helped in the making of the Professor’s looks. He suggested a “normal, shy guy” who is almost unnoticeable to the public. Even his clothes had to match his personality. He always wears brown and grey outfits so as to not stand out.

Tokyo And Mathilda

Tokyo money heist

At first glance, one can already see the similarity of Tokyo and Natalie Portman’s Mathilda (from the 1994 movie, The Professional) in terms of appearance. Not only by their looks but their emotional state is quite on the same level. In one of her interviews, Ursula Corbero said that she was thinking about wearing a similar look based on Mathilda. Upon arriving at the fitting station, she saw the wall filled with Mathilda-inspired outfit pictures.


No Nairobi

Nairobi money heist

The badass Nairobi that fans know was originally not part of the script. The creator only included her character after working with Alba Flores on another show. In an interview with Oprah, Flores stated that the creator felt like the show is not going to work with just one female character. He ended up contacting her and asking if she’s down for the job. Good thing the actress gladly accepted the offer or else, we won’t have the Nairobi that we loved and admired.

Killing Off Berlin



The death of Berlin came as a shock to the netizens because despite being wicked, he is one of the best and most admired characters. Most fans would not know that he was supposed to be removed from the show. Creator Alex Pina wanted to eliminate Berlin because he “didn’t fit in the show”, saying his principles are quite old-fashioned. They didn’t remove him altogether though because they thought he would make a good villain.

South Korean Adaptation

Money Heist

A South Korean Money Heist version is coming to Netflix in the next few years. There is not a lot of information about the plot of the show yet but the premise will be similar to the original one. The only sure thing about it would be the heist taking place in one of the famous landmarks in the Korean peninsula. Actors such as Squid Game cast Park Hae-Soo and Yoo Ji-Tae will be joining the show.


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