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Moon Knight: 5 Actors Who Should Play Raoul Bushman

Moon Knight 5 Actors Who Should Play Raoul Bushman

Raoul Bushman is one of the archenemies of Marc Spector in the Moon Knight comics. The character made its debut in Moon Knight #1 and was created by Doug Moench and Bill Sienkiewicz. Raoul Bushman was originally a comrade of Marc Spector. But Marc left his team as he was disgusted by his methods. This turned the two against each other. Now, it is not clear if the character would be joining the series, but if he does who is going to play the role. Here are a few actors who can play the ruthless Bushman.

Michael Jai White can play Raoul Bushman

Michael Jai White can play Raoul Bushman
Michael Jai White

The first African American to play a superhero role, Michael Jai White would be the perfect actor for the role. He starred as AI Simmons in Spawnthat came out in 1997. He has also been a part of movies like Mortal Kombat: Legacy and Universal Soldier: The Return. His resume is synonymous to the character of Raoul Bushman. His appearance matches the character too. Plus, his acting skills and action style too goes well with the character. And why not, he played Mike Tyson in is biopic, Tyson. Also, Bushamn is more of a martial art fighter, which the actor knows too. In fat, he knows nine martial art styles. All boxes checked.

Mike Colter could be perfect for the role

Mike Colter could be perfect for the role of Raoul Bushman
Mike Colter

Though Mike Colter is already a part of the MCU as Luke Cage, if we think of it he would make a perfect Raoul Bushman too. If it were possible to do that, he would have rocked the role. But now, it will only cause confusion as he is already the face of Luke Cage. At the same time, we can’t help but think that how e just matches the Marc Spector’s enemy. Plus, he has the acting and the skills that would just fit in well with the character.

Sterling K. Brown can be Raoul Bushman

Sterling K. Brown can be Raoul Bushman
Sterling K. Brown

The actor is best known for his role Christopher Darden in People vs. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story. Sterling K. Brown stars as Randall Parsons in NBC’s This Is Us. And he as won Primtime Emmy Awards and Golden Globe Award for the role. He is already a part of MCU too, but in a supporting role in the Black Panther movie. He played the role of N’Jobu. But the actor has what it takes to play a character like the ruthless Bushman and if the Disney+ series is looking for an actor fit for the role, they must consider him.

John David Washington would fit the role

John David Washington would fit the role of Raoul Busman
John David Washington

Originally a football player, John David Washington shifted to acting with like his father, Denzel Washington and mother Pauletta. His breakthrough role was Ron Stallworth in the crime film, BlacKkKlansman (2018). He was also in Christopher Nolan’s science-fiction action thriller, Tenet. The actor, being an ex-footballer is fit and matches the looks of Raoul Bushman. The actor knows the action genre and has always loved different characters. Bushman would help the actor explore something new. And he would add to the character was well.

Trevante Rhodes should be Raoul Bushman

Trevante Rhodes should be Raoul Bushman
Trevante Rhodes

Best known for his role in the Academy Award winning film Moonlight, Trevante Rhodes is another good actor foe the role. Apart from being an actor he is also a track and field sprinter. Also, he won a gold medal at the Pan American Junior Athletics Championships. He has also been nominated and won accolades for hi acting skills. Also, played a role in movies like Bird Box and The Predator. He is a sportsperson wit h great acting skills. These qualities make him a perfect match for the character. Also, his resume matches the kind of acting need for the role.

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