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Moon Knight Actor Reveals Secret Behind Show’s Most Heartbreaking Scene

Fans of Marvel Studios’ Disney+ series Moon Knight spent several episodes wondering what happened to Oscar Isaac’s Steven Grant and Marc Spector. What town did they grow up in? Were their mother and father still alive? Several of those explanations weren’t disclosed until Episode 5 in devastating memories, which weren’t pleasant, to say the least. Now, Moon Knight actor Ray Lucas has finally disclosed the secret to these heartbreaking sequences:

Marc Spector’s Tragic Backstory

Moon Knight Revealed Marc Spector's Tragic Backstory.
Moon Knight Revealed Marc Spector’s Tragic Backstory.

When Steven was going through Marc’s flashbacks, he saw Marc taking his younger brother, Randall, away from a backyard picnic. Unfortunately, Randall drowned in an accident, turning Wendy against Marc. She grew sorrowful, avoided birthdays, and verbally harassed Marc, blaming him for the loss of his younger brother. She’d eventually beat him physically, leaving indelible wounds on his mind. Steven ultimately recognized Marc “made” the alter ego as a self-defense mechanism when the recollection saw Randall pretend to be a British tomb-raider named Dr. Grant. It was revealed that Marc needed Steven to protect him from remorse and to help him forget about Wendy abusing him.

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The cause of Wendy Spector’s death

Fernanda Andrade as Wendy Spector in Moon Knight.
Fernanda Andrade as Wendy Spector.

Moon Knight actor Rey Lucas, who plays Elias Spector on the program, spoke exclusively with The Direct’s Russ Milheim about his father-figure position in the series, as well as the violent side of the family: Wendy Spector. In fact, Elias was last seen by spectators during her burial. But how did she die in the first place? While nothing was put in stone, Lucas claimed that he and director Mohamed Diab considered options, one of which was alcohol. “I think I asked Mohamed what his thoughts were on that, you know when I got there and had those pages. And if I remember, right, one of the things that came up was alcohol. And I think we see her in that scene [at] Mike’s birthday scenes where she comes in drinking. I think that idea was introduced [then]. That [was] sort of just the beginning of [that]… [and it] just got the better of her.”

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Rey Lucas on Elias Spector’s guilt

Rey Lucas in Moon Knight.
Rey Lucas as Elias Spector.

Does Elias Spector hold himself responsible for all that happened to Marc because of his mother? The actor expressed his belief that his character would have some feelings of remorse and that he would’ve wished he did more. “To me, it only makes sense that there has to be some, you know, that he would feel some sense [of guilt]. Maybe he didn’t see it at first, but definitely, by the time that Marc is a teenager and he’s trying to get on that bus and skip town. And, you know, if he hadn’t seen it before, he definitely, by then, realizes that he wishes he’d have done more and, or wishes he’s seen sooner”.

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Elias Spector’s reconciliation with Marc Spector never happened

Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector in Moon Knight.
Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector.

Now that the series is ended, the issue is whether Marc and his father will ever reunite. Lucas believes the two have a lot of unsolved issues, but he is hopeful that they will be able to come to terms.

 “I interpreted that as there’s a very strong connection there [and] a great amount of emotion, but there’s [also] a lot of unresolved [things]. I left with the hope that they could find some reconciliation, one day, or healing or something. We see in the series, he’s always calling his mother, but he never calls his father Steven. I didn’t have any of this information at all [when] I was working on it.

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