Moon Knight Theory: Real Reason Khonshu Hates Ammit

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Moon Knight Episode 6 has come up to an explosive and convoluting conclusion. Oscar Isaac has given us probably the best show in MCU that doesn’t directly connect to the larger shared superhero universe. The Ennead, the Egyptian Pantheon of Gods, are heavily featured in Moon Knight. But two Gods among them have a rivalry that runs deep. Khonshu and Ammit do not see eye to eye. Both have a strong sense of justice but hate each other’s approach in passing judgment. Moon Knight Episode 6 sees that rivalry develop into a fist trading climax. But ever wonder why Khonshu hates Ammit so much?

Khonshu - Moon Knight
Khonshu – Moon Knight

SPOILER ALERT: MAJOR Spoilers For Moon Knight Episode 6 Up Ahead….

This Moon Knight Theory claims to know the answer. Khonshu hates Ammit not because of their difference in approach to dishing out justice. It is the way how Ammit intends to create an ‘ideal’ world.


Ammit – The Devourer Of Souls Who Wants To Kill All ‘Sinners’

Ammit - Moon Knight Episode 6
Ammit – Moon Knight Episode 6

The crocodile faced deity Ammit – has but one goal. She sees humanity as flawed and wants to show them the way to a utopian parallel. But to do so requires sacrifice. Ammit wants to root out all flawed human beings. And by flaws, we mean people who are prone to walk the path of evil. Ammit uses the scales of justice to measure a person’s potential worth and if the scales do not tilt in the person’s savor, she devours the soul. Arthur Harrow would have us believe that Ammit only devours unworthy souls, the souls of sinners that will doom the people around them.

But what if there’s more to it than that? What if the real reason Khonshu hates Ammit is because Ammit is a liar who doesn’t care about how good or bad a soul is. All she cares about is………

Moon Knight Theory: Ammit Doesn’t Judge Souls, She Kills People Who Have A Stronger Will Than Hers

Ammit Devours The Souls of Cairo - Moon Knight
Ammit Devours The Souls of Cairo – Moon Knight

This new Moon Knight theory gives the perfect explanation why Khonshu hates Ammit. The show would have you believe that Khonshu hates ammit because Ammit judges a person before he or she has committed a crime, thereby taking their choice. But there could be more to it than that.

Ammit - Arthur Harrow
Ammit – Arthur Harrow

Ammit wants to create a world where there is no evil and no potential for evil. But that does not happen with a simple enough plan like hers. Megalomaniacs like Ammit always have a selfish way of achieving their objective. When Ammit judges a soul, she may not be even looking at the person’s future. She is most likely looking at how complacent and docile this person is. If the person she is judging has too strong a will, then he or she will resist Ammit’s authority. Only weak willed people will never speak up against her rule in her new utopia. Ammit is not judging worthiness. She is merely sparing people who are weak enough to kneel to her.

Harrow Becomes Ammit's Avatar
Harrow Becomes Ammit’s Avatar

Moon Knight episode 6 proves this theory true. Arthur Harrow, whose scales are unbalanced, is still chosen by Ammit to be her Avatar and his death is ‘delayed’. That is because Harrow willingly submits to Ammit, and this becoming worthy of the new world order she is set out to create.

Khonshu Hates Ammit Because ‘Choice’ Is What Makes Humanity Strong

Khonshu Moon Knight
Khonshu Moon Knight

Many of humanity’s greatest innovations came out of the most despicable things. When humanity was given a choice, they made strides. From gunpowder to nuclear weapons, almost every human innovation started out as a weapon of despair. If evil didn’t exist, there would be no adversity for humanity to overcome. Without a sense of purpose, humanity ceases to exist.

Why Khonshu chose Marc as his avatar
Khonshu makes Marc Spector his Fist of Vengeance

Khonshu even chose a sinner like Marc as his Avatar. If Ammit would have had her way, Marc would have ended up in the Duat long before he became Moon Knight. Khonshu has walked the Earth for thousands of years and knows humanity better than Ammit. He knows mankind only overcomes if it meets an opposing force and it is given a choice to do so. That’s why Khonshu hates Ammit and her ways.

They are petty and selfish.


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