Morbius: Incredible Details You Missed in The Final Trailer

Morbius’s first trailer had us all right away! The excitement it brought along with it is too much to contain. And to add to the misery of waiting around for the biologist’s entrance into the Spiderverse, Sony decided to push the release date for it to appear in theatres. However, for all the fans that are as eager as we are, we have a knot at the end of this seemingly-endless rope – the new full trailer of Morbius. 

There are too many hidden details and dialogues between the characters hinting at something or the other. But among them all are some of the most exciting discoveries that will bring newer, more incredible things to the Spiderverse. Here are all the incredible details you might have missed while watching the final trailer.

1. In the latest trailer, at 1:17, we can spot the building “Horizon” in the NY skyline. This is the same Horizon Lab that allows scientists to experiment with anything they want as long as it benefits the company or society. The appearance of this building makes us wonder if we will see Peter’s scientific prowess.

Horizon Labs New York
Horizon Labs in New York

2. The trailer gave us a sneak-peek of the Daily Bugle. It gave us two hints and a rise to tons of speculations. One of which is the arrival of Black Cat. In the top right corner of the snap, one can see a headline that reads, “Black Cat: A friend or foe?” Now, we don’t know this for sure, and just like any other diehard fan, we are also wondering if this means that Black Cat would also appear on the big screens.

Every Spider-Verse Reference in Morbius' Second Trailer | CBR
“Black Cat: Friend or Foe?”

3. Talking about buildings, there’s one more that caught our attention – the Oscorp building. The appearance of this building hints to us that the Osborn father and son still exist in the universe. We have seen Spider-Man’s foe, Green Goblin, and his company in The Amazing Spider-Man, while its sequel introduced us to his son, Henry Osborn. 

Morbius Trailer Reveals Oscorp and Horizon Labs Exist
Oscorp in New York

4. With Morbius just making it to the big screen as the lead, not all fans know much about him. So this quick image of the Daily Bugle’s headline gives the fans an impression of the antihero. The headline here says that Morbius is under arrest for killing a vampire! Looking at the trailer, however, confuses us whether he has escaped or Jameson is just determined to make him look bad too.

Every Spider-Verse Reference in Morbius' Second Trailer | CBR
Daily Bugle talking about Dr. Morbius

5. Does Morbius’s wardrobe remind of someone? Yes, we are talking about Count Dracula. Morbius’s coat reminded us of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. The part in the trailer where Morbius kills the soldiers in a boat is also quite similar to Dracula’s beginning. While being transported to London, Dracula, too, kills all of those who were there on the ship.

Morbius (2022)
Morbius’s costumes resembles that of Dracula’s costumes

6. Along with so many appearances, one spiked our interest, and that was of Adrian Toomes, aka Vulture. In the trailer, we saw him being interested in getting in touch with Dr. Morbius while in police custody. Fans are already talking about the Vulture being there in Spider-Man: No Way Home, and seeing him in the trailer has definitely got our hopes high. 

Everything We Know About Michael Keaton's Cameo in Morbius | POPSUGAR Entertainment
Adrian Toomes, Vulture

If you weren’t so excited until now, the above reasons are enough to spike your interest in the antihero. The movie is set to premiere in January 2022. So get ready for all the adventure!

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