Movies That Struck Gold With The Most Brilliant Leads

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Movies are multifaceted. One of the major aspects of films is the lead actors. They are, often, the face of the movie. It is their adventure that we follow on the screen. These lead actors are usually the ones who have the most screen space. All this makes them very crucial. It may not be a stretch to say that their performance can either sink a film or take it to the heights of success. We take a look at five films that became successful due to the performance of the lead star. What do you think of these movies and their lead stars? Let us know in the comments section below.


1. Mads Mikkelsen in Another Round (2020)

Movies that struck gold due to their leads
Mads Mikkelsen in the film

Mads Mikkelsen gave one of the best performances of his career in this film. He plays a history teacher and, together with 3 others, participates in a ‘social experiment’. The experiment is to maintain a constant 0.05% blood-alcohol content to see if this improves their lives. A very interesting premise paired with an awesome performance by Mikkelsen made this film a success.

2. Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman (2017)

Movies that struck gold due to their leads
Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

Previous to this film, Gadot had made her mark in supporting roles in other films. However, this film took her stardom much higher. She played Wonder Woman so well that the film made it big at the box office and was praised by critics too. This film did wonders for women in superhero films and showed that female leads have the same potential as their male counterparts. The film is a landmark for female stars and superhero films.


3. Sigourney Weaver in Aliens (1986)

Movies that struck gold due to their leads
A still from the film, Aliens

Sigourney Weaver was nominated for an Academy Award for her role in this film. This film, now a classic, was very successful, and Weaver had a strong role to play in its triumph. This film was a trendsetter for its genre, Sci-Fi/horror, and went on to influence many films that came after it. The storytelling in this film was widely lauded. Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley played an intense and nuanced character very well and was rewarded with a nomination for the same.

4. Charlize Theron in Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

Movies that struck gold due to their leads
Charlize Theron

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This film got 11 nominations for the Academy Awards. The fourth installment of a series of loosely connected films, Mad Max: Fury Road, was greatly helped by the performance of its female lead. Charlize shines in her role as the protector of the band of mothers from radiation-laden boys who want to use them to repopulate their dying world. This film was also commended for its feminism and the breaking of many cinematic tropes.


5. Christian Bale in Vice (2018)

Movies that struck gold due to their leads
Christian Bale as Dick Cheney

Bale played the former Vice President Dick Cheney in this film. His performance remains unforgettable, years after the movie. Bale made an incredible transformation as the VP in this political satire. The looks, the mannerisms, and the speech all were very reminiscent of the former politician. The film shows Cheney’s rise through the government bureaucracy until he reached the White House.

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It was a serious attempt on the part of the filmmakers and Bale to capture the essence of Cheney, and it did very well in that. His role was appreciated by many. This performance greatly raised his stock and reaffirmed his greatness as an actor.

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